Wix Pricing: Which Plan Is Best For You?

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I've written before about some of the top website builders on the market today, and Wix is definitely one of the top dogs in the space.

Wix is one of the most useful website building tools out there, with an emphasis on customization and user friendliness. It's no wonder that one of the most versatile and easy to use platforms on the planet would be as successful as Wix is today, and those key traits I believe are what has gotten it to the top of the website building industry.

If you're looking to build a business or start a blog, personal brand, lead generation site, work portfolio, etc. you can't really go wrong with using Wix for your website building platform.

It's easy to get started, and within minutes you can enter their drag-n-drop editor platform and create a custom website quickly and painlessly. While it may not be the most extensive or professional tool out there for every need, it certainly does the trick when it comes to quick website creation, and for that it's one of my favorites to use personally!

Throughout this article, I want to delve deeper into the pricing structure of Wix and help you find what's best for you and your needs. While they offer a free version, I don't think you should utilize that version long term, and I'll get more into this reasoning throughout the rest of this article. 

Make no mistake, this platform is cheap and effective, and is perfect for many different types of users!

Wix Plans To Choose From

Wix comes with 7 different paid pricing plans to choose from. They also let you get started with a website for free, but it comes with the limitation of advertisements for Wix's platform itself plastered across the website.

Similar to how Mailchimp structures their free pricing plan, Wix uses their free plans to market their own business, and it really makes your website's brand take a hit and drastically devalues your website. If you're wanting to create a professional website, you definitely need to hunker down and purchase one of the plans (don't worry, they're quite cheap!

Here's a breakdown of the pricing plans (four of these are for general website creation, and 3 specialize in e-commerce website creation):

If you're really looking to just start your own website that looks professional for personal use, I recommend getting the Combo or Unlimited plan. It's very affordable (at just $11/month to $14/month), and gives you a nice amount of access to the Wix tools and features.

For users looking to get into the e-commerce/business side of things, the plans are still quite affordable and they rival other E-com platforms such as Shopify

Something to note, however, is that these prices shown in the image above are for annual subscriptions. It will cost a bit more per month to get the month-to-month subscription, however you won't be locked into the year long contract, which is a plus!

Furthermore, you can also try out any of these paid plans for free for 14 days before having your account charged, so feel free to play around and get the hang of the platform before diving in! This is a really beneficial selling tool that Wix implements, and other tech companies employ this in their pricing plans too!

For a further breakdown of pricing, check out this webpage.

General Website Creation

The following plans are all related to general website creation. This can mean starting a blog, portfolio, lead generation site, coaching platform, etc.

You won't be selling physical or digital products with these sites, but you can do pretty much everything else that the internet has to offer (with the amazing software that Wix provides to make your website creation process easy; with a stunning finished product in no time). There are few website builders that rival Wix's ADI intelligence, so what you're paying for their website creation solution is pocket change compared to what it can do for you and your needs!

Domain Connection $5/Month

Personal branding is essential in the modern age. With so much noise going on in the online sphere, it's essential to stand out and create a long-lasting brand for a multitude of reasons. Consumers (even if you're not building an online business, your website will be consumed by viewers) now have so much freedom and choice that the internet has grown to a competitive boiling point.

It's now harder than ever to get your brand noticed, and if you're not on your own branded domain, you can forget about being taken seriously and really sticking in the mind of the consumer as a legitimate content hub or website.

Wix recognizes this, and charges a monthly fee to allow you to use their streamlined website platform whilst hosting the site on your own domain. If you choose to go the free path, then your website will look like this:


As you can see, with your website being a subdomain of Wix, you won't gain much validity and branding recognition in the eyes of the consumer, and this will only continue to be the case as competition increases over the comming years! 

For just $5/month you can get your own domain with Wix hosting and website software, which is a very wise investment for anyone looking to start a serious website.

Now, you'll still have the annoying banner ads, even with your own domain - this also seriously detracts from your branding, and the next plan takes care of this issue for you...

Combo Plan: $11/Month

With combo you get to host the Wix website on your own domain and get rid of those annoying banner ads displayed on the website promoting the Wix brand.

While the combo plan is ad-free (a huge step for branding), you're also limited to 2 GB of bandwidth a month. When someone visits the website, they use up a portion of that bandwidth. The average Wix page is about 1-2 MB, so you wouldn't want more than 20-30 visitors per day to your website on this plan in order to ensure that you don't use up your bandwidth!

Unlimited Plan: $14/Month

The main key difference between the unlimited plan and the combo plan is the unlimited monthly bandwidth. If you're looking to start a real website that gets solid traffic to it per month, then the unlimited plan is your only real option with Wix.

For $14/month you get full access to the Wix platform (which makes building a stunning looking website extremely simple and straightforward). If you're looking to start a professional and established online brand, then this is the plan you'll want to go after!

VIP Plan: $29/Month

Now we're really getting into the juicy plans that Wix offers!

The VIP plan is double the amount of the Unlimited plan and it comes with two key selling points behind it:

  1. Priority Support - Getting help with your website and its features by the knowledgeable staff at Wix is given priority over other plans when you're on VIP. This means you get your problems solved as fast as possible by the team at Wix. Compared to some other industry alternatives, Wix has some outstanding support!
  2. Free Email Campaigns - You can send 10 email campaigns of up to 50,000 email addresses (likely business leads) for free each month using Wix's Shoutcart feature. I'd also recommend you look into some other top email providers to improve email marketing on your website. 

E-commerce Websites

While the other Wix plans mentioned above all deal with general website creation, the following websites specialize and optimize for e-commerce businesses.

These plans are more expensive then the aforementioned plans, and for good reason: you're using these plans to build a business and make money!

Something to note with Wix's e-commerce plans is that all of them have zero transactional fees from Wix. This greatly reduces the variable cost associated with selling products online, and is a subtle factor to take into account when deciding between Wix or other platforms for your e-commerce business. (You'll still have credit card processing fees, but no fees from Wix are included).

Business Basic - $20/Month

Wix's base e-commerce plan (business basic) comes with the unlimited bandwidth, Wix ad removal, and domain connection from the unlimited plan mentioned above.

It also comes with some neat e-commmere specific features that are well worth the additional $6/month that you'll be paying (over the cost of the unlimited plan).

Business Unlimited - $25/Month

With Business Unlimited you're getting access to more bonuses (such as professional logo creation, free video hours, additional apps, etc.) as well as more storage space. 

Furthermore, you get access to 20 free email campaigns a month, limited to 100,000 emails. In e-commerce, Wix's email campaigns aren't quite as extensive as other platforms such as Constant Contact and Mailchimp, but they do the trick just fine - and it's included with your package to boot!

Business VIP - $35/Month

Priority support is also included with Wix, and this is a huge selling point for tech companies that provide solutions to business owners.

The last thing you want when selling and moving tons of products online is to have website issues that prevent you from selling product. With Wix's Business VIP plan, you get access to all the features from the previous plans and can jump on the phone and talk to professional Wix customer support agents (along with some other neat bonuses).

Business owners who are serious about making profits should definitely consider this package with Wix. If you're doing e-commerce and online business correctly, then it's a no brainer to pick up this plan!

Additional Takeaways 

Here are some other things to consider when signing up with Wix...


In some of the plans mentioned above Wix allows users to send free promotional emails (with a feature known as Wix Shoutouts). 

Another neat thing you get with Wix is the ability to setup custom email addresses. You can do this with G Suite, Google's professional email address program (although it will cost additional money to utilize G Suite per month). It's important to have your own email address when doing marketing down the line, and if you're using Wix for business I most certainly recommend you look into this neat feature!

Domain Registration and Hosting

Wix also can act as a domain registrar where you can purchase domain names for $14.95/year. 

However, this doesn't include WHOIS privacy protection, and compared to leading industry registrars such as NameCheap, Wix doesn't really compare pricing wise.

Therefore, I recommend that you purchase a domain name through NameCheap and utilize Wix's NameServers to host the domain on the Wix platform itself. Further documentation on NameCheap's website can help you do this, but it's not really a complex process and can save you good money overall!

Wrapping Up

Wix has been touted as one of the best website builders on the market today. While they have a free version, it's really not too expensive to upgrade to one of their paid plans, and you can get so much more out of your website by taking this route! Wix even competes with some top sales funnel creation software due to how easy it is to implement lead generation on your Wix website.

Whether you're looking into starting an e-commerce business, positioning yourself as an expert consultant, running a blog, building a photography portfolio, or just building your own website for personal reasons, Wix is the go to website that I recommend beginners utilize to get their stunning looking website created quickly and painlessly!

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