Shopify Contact Us Page Templates & Examples

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Having a great Shopify Contact Us page is essential for building a really solid, fleshed out website so that your customers can both trust and believe in you and your brand.

With the ability to dictate customer interactions on your contact us page, you send much higher trust signals to your customers, and many Shopify stores lack this so having a really solid page can make you stand out and get an edge over your competition.

Doing all the small things right, like having a great about us page and generating easy high-converting traffic can put your online business in league with top competitors in your space, and if you fail to follow some key steps (like building these essential pages with top-notch designs, then you'll risk being left in the dust)!

What can you do to have more success? What are some best practices? Should you do one thing or do the other? I'll cover all of these questions on my blog, but let's dive into these templates to give you a rough idea of what you should try to emulate!

Essential Elements to Your Shopify Contact Us Page

It's essential that the contact page act as a real communication highway between you and your customers. Especially as you get into high-ticket sales, the communication that you share between you and your customers must be top-notch, or other businesses will likely get the business.

What makes a good page? Here are some key areas to concentrate on:

  • Scenarios for Contact - Your customers should contact you when they need clarification on products/services or support, you should make this known on your contact us page.
  • Various Methods - They should be able to contact you via email, phone, etc. Make it easier on the customer to reach out and get their problems solved in order to remove complexity for them overall!
  • Link to Resources - Possibly you can solve the customer's issues before they even call in/email you, it's important to have an FAQ style section on the page to help clear up common questions and concerns. 

Having these key points included in your page will increase conversions overall and get customers more excited about your brand. Not having these can be detrimental to your business, so keep that in mind when you're losing customers due to various reasons!

Now, For Some Examples...

Now that I've given you some key points to include in your contact us page, lets look at some websites that have great examples that you can emulate with your own store's page, which will send huge trust signals to your customers if done well!

Achieve 3000

This company has catered their contact us page to multiple purposes for the customer. Instead of just having the generic "contact us" slogan included on the page, they've included a beautiful landing page that links out to support, sales and demos for the product. The demo and sales landing pages that are linked out to from the gorgeous contact us page allow for quick and easy product showcases which is a huge conversion booster in their funnel.

Furthermore, they're able to retain customers easier by having a great support contact page included on the website too.

When I look at this page, I think of a company that goes above and beyond for its customers, and that's what makes me want to buy into what they are selling!

Marvel App

You can make a big statement about your brand's culture and vision through the various pages of your website. 

The Marvel App company has created a fun and interactive contact us page to get you where you need to go (sales, support, etc.). They did this in a way that accentuates their company's playful creativity and culture, with a great theme and design.

Furthermore, the real photography used in the bottom portion of the page sends trust signals and makes the brand more "human" overall.


So as a contrast to the page example from above, ZenDesk keeps it simple.

They do have a great color schme, but they went for a more simple approach.

I wanted to bring this up because your contact us page should really serve its purpose. If you can make it creative, personality driven and send trust values to the customer, then great.

However, if you need to start somewhere then check out this page example, it's got all the essential elements and serves its purpose for the customer - literally the most important thing that this page can have on it!

I went with this approach for my blog, maybe if you can add some personality and edge to your page then you'll go farther, but do it badly and it'll only end up hurting your conversions!


Accenture is a global company that offers services in over 120 countries worldwide.

With this level of infrastructure and need to cater towards a broad range of industries and customer bases, it can be very strenuous to create one-size fits all webpages that showcase your company in its best light and get the customer the information they need to make educated decisions. 

Accenture has figured out how to present a ton of useful information in a compact and well-designed way, so as to get the customer what they need but to also create a sleek, easy to use feel for their visitors. 

Maybe on your Contact Us page you can consider using some similar "expandable" elements in conjunction with plenty of surrounding whitespace. Your users aren't dumb, they're going to be able to figure out how to use the expandable elements properly on the page and it can really create a nice image overall of the brand if well executed!


As I've mentioned countless times on this blog, no matter what business you embark on it's all going to come down to taking care of the customer's needs. If you can make someone's life better by solving some key problem that they have, and can do so better than the competition, then you'll find that business becomes easier and easier.

However, if you cannot do this, and the customer doesn't feel like their needs are being met with your brand's product/service, then they'll jump ship. Marketing and sales are essential for growth, but it's really going to come down to how well you take care of the customer in the long run - how well you execute on solving customer issues and being customer focused.

With a religious, cult-like obsession towards customer facing activities, your business will thrive. 

The reason I mention this is because you can communicate your desire to help your customers on a deep, intrinsic level with the way you structure your website content.

Survicate does a great job at creating colloquial language that breaks down customer objections towards their product, and helps them really ingratiate themselves within the customer's minds. With the customer believing that you're there to help them, especially when dealing with higher-ticket sales, the customer is going to be much more likely to purchase products - if your brand really does deliver value to the customer, then letting the customer know from the get-go that you're there to help them on an individual level will give you a steep comptetive advantage in your space. 

Furthermore, many Shopify stores exist out there, but only the really successful ones capitalize on these core business fundamentals in order to actually see long-term success.

Maybe it's time you mimic the real killers and winners in the e-commerce industry to start seeing tangible results yourself?


So a big thing that you'll want to include on your Shopify contact us page is a high-converting call to action button. Pixpa does a great job by implementing a well-designed contact us button that allows for easy communication with the customer.

Our goal is to eliminate complexity for our customers, so a great CTA button that stands out and allows them to easily contact your support and sales staff is going to go a long way towards getting the customer questions, objections, needs, and wants all taken care of on one greatly designed page.

Having a long-form submission as soon as the customer lands on the page can be somewhat intimidating, and you may want to try to warm the customer up towards reaching out to get assistance by making it "push-button" easy for them to reach out. They're going to be more likely to want to give you a call if you have a well-designed button that allows them to simply click and contact you - rather than a form that needs to be submitted for a case ticket and/or an email stream. 

Our goal is to give the power to the customer whilst also guiding them and setting expectations for receiving results, with a nice CTA button you can really increase the amount of calls comming in, where you can then pitch further services and/or actually solve customer problems, which is going to go a long way for the long-term health of the business.

Try Out These Shopify Contact Us Page Templates Now

So you've seen what really great contact us pages consist of, so now it's time to actually implement some of these onto your Shopify store to see tangible results.

These templates, handpicked and created with the PageFly app, can give you a big advantage in your space - as was mentioned in the examples above.

Utilize these templates and modify/craft them in a way that makes them your own. Doing so will lead to better overall brand health and a great way to solve customer issues and/or sell them on further services.

Make the customer actually want to contact you by personalizing these beautiful, sleek templates for your own brand's identity!



Wrapping Up

There a variety of creative ways you can get customers to interact with your contact page and make it easy for them to reach out - which will only help the brand image in the long run by getting problems solved and letting customers sell themselves on your offers.

You can be getting a ton of traffic from various sources, but if you don't have a great way to convert the traffic into customers, you'll struggle ALOT.

Doing this effectively on your contact page can pay big dividends in the long-run and it's prudent to think about these page elements mentioned throughout this article when crafting your own brand's contact us page, in order to actually get an edge on the competition!

Not many companies do this correctly, so if you implement this in a well-done manner with your own store you'll see really effective results!

Check out my favorite starting Shopify theme now. This is a high-converting and easy to implement theme that can really establish your brand as high-value early on! Using free themes in conjunction with your free Shopify trial can get you off the ground quickly, and an obsession on customer problem facing can get you profitable quickly (most especially if you're looking to increase revenue per sale) with these limited overhead costs.