Shopify 60 Day Trial: How To Get It

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Everyone in the E-commerce space knows about Shopify and how the platform is currently churning out tons of millionaires online.

It's literally one of the easiest ways to get started making money online, and it's one of the top platforms I recommend for beginners to utilize to start out with due to ease of use and fast profit potential!

They offer trials for their program which you can use to start your own online e-commerce business.

So, how does one go about getting a 60-day extended trial from Shopify?

Let's Snag That 60 Day Shopify Trial Then!

Well, let me give you some enlightenment on the matter...

Unfortunately, you can't get a 60-day Shopify Trial anymore....

I know I'm sorry - it was available for a short period of time apparently but at this point in time it has been discontinued.

However, there still exists the 14-day trials for people to get started with their Shopify dropshipping business. I'm constantly on the lookout for more extended trials though, as Shopify releases them quite often!

Do you need some help with getting profitable with Shopify? I've got a YouTube channel with some fire advice on making money with Shopify dropshipping (however, I've since been focusing more on ClickFunnels because I think the platform has better overall profit potential, more on this subject later).

Here's a video to help you find TONS of hidden gems to start drop shipping to make solid cash from the platform.

Look, making money online doesn't have to be complicated. It will however take some smarts and hard work AND persistence in order to make things happen. Work hard and don't give up when something doesn't work out (it won't when you're first getting started).

I'd also recommend you check out the ClickFunnels platform due to the hosting they provide, the free DotComSecrets PDF training, the traffic hacks training, and much, much more. I think they're a much more promising company compared to Shopify and the funnels they allow you to create are better for creating a more serious, long-term profitable online business. Russell Brunson, the founder, has dedicated seriously to making the platform the best that it can be - and you really can't go wrong by switching to it from Shopify (they offer tons of free training to get you integrated with the platform).

However I do like Shopify for what it specializes in also 🙂

What About A 45 Day Shopify Trial?

You may be wondering, "Ok, so it looks like the 60 day trial is no longer available, is there another extended trial that I can get?" A 45 Day Free Shopify Trial is also very attractive for the cost conscious consumer who needs to experiment with the platform before having to pay. 

I was actually able to dig around the internet and found an offer for a Shopify trial by a trusted Shopify partner. This made me quite excited as I was already down about not being able to snap that 60 day offer for my blog readers. 

However, unfortunately, it seems that the 45 day Shopify trial has also expired (the partner that promoted it forgot to update the webpage, and thus the offer led to the 14-day trial instead of the 45 day trial) and we are SOL again when it comes to finding a hidden gem on the internet! 

Let's see if we can find a 30 day free Shopify trial, as I know this has also been released in the past!

How About A 30 Day Free Shopify Trial Link?

As you can see in the image below, there exists a 30 day Shopify trial that is available for everyone who goes through a special link!

Update October 2018: Unfortunately, the promotion has ended and this link is no longer available. However, again, I'm constantly on the lookout for these Shopify trials because I want to give my readers the best opportunity for starting a Shopify business risk free!

I've also found a case online where a 30 day shopify trial is attainable for users in the Philippines. I must specify that it breaks the Shopify TOS to use the 30 day trial if you're not in the Phillipines, so I won't be linking out to this trial at the moment. However, this is good news for users using a Phillipines domain, as they'll be able to take advantage of this trial in order to start their Shopify business on the cheap. 

By the way, for the record, in any of these cases your profitability with Shopify is likely going to be uninhibited by the trial period. It's going to come down to how you effectively manage your ads and target your audience in order to become profitable (really, this can be attained HOURS after registering your new Shopify store). 

If you're trying to build a longer term business (with core fundamental pages for long-term branding) with Shopify using SEO and steady streams of referral traffic, then this is obviously going to change how important the trial could be to your business, but for most of us who are using Facebook and other platforms to start an online business using Shopify, it's going to come down to getting profitable traffic fast.

Does It Really Matter?

When you're using Shopify on just the trial version, you don't have to put in your credit card information (even if you do, you won't be charged until the trial is over, and you can cancel anytime)! However, you won't be able to use paid apps which are vital for the success of your store or collect sales without entering your credit card information.​​​​

And really, if you're super desperate for an extended trial, then you probably shouldn't be trying to start an online business in the first place. This stuff takes time, effort, and capital (even if it's just a small amount), in order to get started. 

Consider a brick and mortar retail store... 

You need to purchase a building and inventory just to get started making revenue. These are fixed costs that must be accounted for up front. 

Then, you need to spend money on advertising and getting your name out there in order to actually start collecting real cash from customers. This is all in hopes that your business will be profitable. 

Traditionally, therefore, you have to sink in a considerable amount of capital before the business will be able to take off. 

Now, with Shopify and ecommerce in general, we're able to pay for the overhead of the domain and ecommerce hosting platform (Shopify, in our case). This comes out to about $30-40 of overhead costs vs. thousands that you would need with traditional retail. With Shopify you also get access to free apps, designs, etc. that can help fuel your business at the start and get you an advantage on the competition. Furthermore, due to technological advancements, advertising is now more widespread and usable for the average person to test and implement into their business.

Go and Do it Regardless!

Do you see now why the 60, 45 and 30 day Shopify trial is really asking a bit too much? We're literally able to start a business for 1/100th of the traditional startup costs that it would cost with a business in the past. I think the 14 day Shopify trial is quite reasonable in this case, and you should too, really! We live in a golden age of opportunity, it's just up to you to seize it properly 🙂

Entrepreneur decision to choose path to start up business success

Another method for making money online is affiliate marketing, which can be easily done by using a premium email autoresponder (these are dirt cheap by the way when starting out) in-combination with one of the top free website builders (such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or WordPress) to build an email list and market to them quickly. In fact, I like this method for beginners more than I like Shopify dropshipping, as you're really not risking anything and have a high potential for moderate success (even if you suck at marketing!). 

There are tons of ways to make money online with little cash, and getting some steady income from one of these methods can not only give you the money for a Shopify store, but also give you resources to go and advertise products to dropship!

Until next time 🙂