MailChimp Pricing and Plans: Is It Worth The Cost?

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Mailchimp is one of the top email marketing software companies on the planet. With a very loyal global customer base, Mailchimp's reputation and vast sea of users allow it to dominate and hold quite a large share of the marketplace.

 In the same way that Shopify is the top dog in the e-commerce space, Mailchimp is the top dog in the email marketing space.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that their software and pricing plans are the best! I want to discourage my blog readers from going with solutions that are "popular" and instead focus on business solutions that are the most effective for your needs!

Often times, in business, it's not about what everyone else is doing, and it's about what you're doing. This applies to your marketing efforts to your customers, and having a cost effective email software is huge for beginner entrepreneurs (along with cost effective website creation and traffic generation). I don't want you to waste your money, so I really want you to consider this post before making a decision on the email platform that's right for you.

Now, I think Mailchimp is a great software to choose, but it's also dependent on your needs and there are some great alternatives out there for email marketing solutions for your business (there are platforms that cater more towards e-commerece businesses too). Let's delve into this Mailchimp pricing structure and determine if it's right for your business needs!

Mailchimp Pricing Summed Up

Upon glancing at the Mailchimp plans, it's likely your eyes are going to be drawn to the "Forever Free" pricing model - where you get free newsletters forever. However, I don't think that you should use this plan, even if you're just starting out. I'll explain why momentarily.

  • Forever Free 
  • Growing Business
  • High Volume
  • Unlimited Subscribers (scales with costs)
  • Professional email delivery
  • Starts at $199/month for advanced email features

Now these are the basic 3 packages that you can choose from when choosing MailChimp as your email marketing solution.

However, you can also "pay as you go" where you'll simply pay for the amount of emails that you want to send. If you want the advanced email marketing features, you'll need to purchase the advanced package for $199/month also!

MailChimp "Pay As You Go Plan"

Once you purchase these credits, they never expire. This may/may not be more cost effective for you depending on your email needs and list size. Check out the pricing for this plan below:

Total Emails


Total Price
















As you can see in the table above, on this plan the more and more emails that you purchase at one time (credits to your account), the cheaper and cheaper the emails become. It's up to you to do the math based on your email marketing strategy and list size in order to determine if this package will save you more money in the long run!

Mailchimp Cost: An Analysis of Value Vs. Price

Like all modern email marketing software companies, you get a various amount of features thrown into each of the packages that you choose. These features include: Autoresponders, A/B Testing, Abandoned Cart functionality, Reporting and Analytics, Email Support, etc.

There are many more features that I haven't included above, and some really neat things are available to you when you go for the professional plan. You can check out all of the features broken down at this webpage.

Which Plan Do I Recommend?

While I think some other email marketing platforms that are available on the market today may be better suited for different marketers's needs (hint: take a look at the features list mentioned above to see if Mailchimp fits your needs), I also think MailChimp does a great job at email marketing (for a very affordable cost). 

While the free plan sounds great in theory, I don't think it's wise for your business. With the advertisements located within each email that you deliver (that you can't get rid of, mind you), and the limit of 2,000 contacts and 12,000 total emails a month, you'll have a hard time building a real business with the platform. 

I recommend you break down and go with the growth plan (at least at the start). It's not too expensive, and if you know what you're doing with email marketing and have a solid way to make money online, you'll definitely become profitable with the platform! This software, in combination with one of the top landing page creation tools may be all you need to build a 7-figure online business!

Generally, it's best to purchase one of the plans rather than the pay as you go plan. However, if you really only need to send out a few notifications to your list a month, then it might be more cost effective to go for the pay as you go model. Again, this will come down to your business needs.

If you're really strapped for cash, might I recommend you utilize the free plan in combination with some of the top free website builders that are available today (I recommend Squarespace, Wix, WordPress or Weebly) in order to build a website and use free traffic methods to capture leads and market in the future. You can do this easily up to 2,000 leads without actually spending a dime, and use some solid affiliate marketing strategies to generate some nice profits online. There are no excuses for not making this work for you 🙂

In Conclusion

So here we've arrived after discussing MailChimp pricing and the various plans that are available to their users.

You can pay as you go, and build a lean email marketing business by paying for the credits as you go, definitely an option for the conscious business owner.

You can utilize the free plan, which is a very generous plan overall that Mailchimp offers where you get access to templates, A/B testing, analytics, abandoned cart emails, and autoresponders. Really, if you don't mind the advertisements that are crammed into your free plan package (and you only have up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 total email sends a month), then the free plan may be the option for you!

Or, you can choose the Growing Business Plan, where the monthly cost will scale with the amount of subscribers that you're marketing to (starting at a measly $10/month for up to 500 subscribers). With this plan, you're also getting: 

  • Removal of the Mailchimp branding logo
  • A preview of what your emails look like in various email inboxes (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).
  • Email and Live Chat Support
  • Delivery by Time Zone

Furthermore, you can go with the Pro Marketer Plan, which adds an additional $199/month to your cost. With this plan, you get:

  • Complex and Advanced Segmentation to squeeze profits out of every email subscriber
  • Group campaign reports and compare metrics to further boost profitability
  • Multivariate test a bunch of variables to find the best winning combination of headline, text, sending times, etc.

Overall, I like MailChimp, but it is one of the more pricier email marketing tools out there. They hook users in with the free plan, but don't be deceived, this is not the most cost effective solution on the market. However, it's definitely popular and will get the job done, which I can't fault the company for at all!

Companies use free trials and gimmicks to hook users and customers on their business. There's nothing wrong with that, so long as the product delivers. If you want to learn more about how to start an online business or become an expert in your industry, then you should really take a look around at some of the other posts on my blog. I'm constantly researching and creating content for my readers, and want to provide you guys all the tools you need to go out and absolutely crush the internet marketing game. 

I also recommend you use one of these top mailing platforms to grow an email list with free traffic. It doesn't matter what niche or business you're in, you should be leveraging search traffic via a blog other content to gain free traffic, leads, sales, etc. Email marketing can be made easy when you're doing it right!