Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

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So if you've spent any time on my site you know that I cover the ClickFunnels software (amongst other sales funnel and email marketing softwares on the market today). While I have shown that ClickFunnels is the best overall product that exists, there is still the question of: Is ClickFunnels actually worth it?

You know the price is $97/month for the base price which is quite pricey for someone who doesn't have an online business generating them cash at the moment. However, for a business owner who needs to shoot their business to the top, ClickFunnels is honestly the ideal program for them due to things like hosting, free pdf training provided by the owner himself, their support, etc. There are some alternatives out there, both free and paid, but ClickFunnels is the best in my opinion.

Now, it's going to sound harsh when I say this, but I think that you're not serious about starting an online business if you're not willing to get ClickFunnels at $97/month when you're just starting out - this software can literally start a business for you with no products or solutions for the customer (that is, of course, if you're smart and put it to good use).

At the end of the day it's going to be less about the software that you're using and more about the PERSON WHO'S USING THE SOFTWARE.

You can start businesses with premium website builders such as Wix, and it's really less about how much you spend to get started, and more about how dedicated you are to the craft! 

Your business is going to be built, founded, and optimized by YOU. Softwares are great but they can blind us to the fact that they are simply tools to help us achieve our ends.

Now, I personally believe that ClickFunnels is one of the best products on the market and is for people who are just starting out or for seasoned entrepreneurs who need to create and optimize 7, 8 and even 9-figure funnels! What these seasoned vets understand though is that ClickFunnels is just a tool to get them where they need to go, not a push-button solution to all their business needs.

So, before you, as a budding entrepreneur, react and say:

"But ClickFunnels didn't work for me!"


"But my friend used ClickFunnels and it didn't work for him!"

Realize that starting an online business and becoming successful is HARD WORK. It's going to require everything you've got at times and it will only get harder as the world continues to become more competitive and more and more people who are SERIOUS get in on the action that these tools can provide.

Yes, it's hard work, but with the right business mindset and a willingness to grind and learn so that problems can be approached rationally, logically, and with proper effort, your online business will grow - and the ClickFunnels platform can make you a killing with its features, accessibility, training (such as instant traffic hacks and the funnel hacks webinar), and amazing sales funnel software capabilities.

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