How to Make Money On Facebook (Best Methods)

The almighty Facebook is a behemoth platform that provides internet marketers with one of the best and most accessible ways for people to make money online. With over 2 billion users on the planet, I can't recommend the platform enough for aspiring marketers to get started in the "make money online" game.

Furthermore, if you already have a business, then properly executing key strategies within the Facebook platform can skyrocket your businesses' sales, revenue, conversion rates, etc. and make you an absolute killing online.

Why Facebook Is AMAZING for Making Money Online

Whether you're experienced in making money online or are just starting out, Facebook provides one of the best traffic sources to direct towards products and services to collect sales, and this is really the basis of ALL successful online business. 

With all online business, we're looking to capitalize on a traffic source, whether paid or free, in order to direct potential buyers to our offer (affiliate products we're promoting or our own products we're promoting).

Facebook just happens to be a literal treasure trove of potential buyers with pure, raw marketing potential available for ANYONE to utilize to gain a massive foothold in their industry.

In fact, if you're a beginner to making money online, then I really recommend using one of the plethora of Facebook methods to generate cold hard cash online as there are many FB methods that don't require any start up cash that can allow you to build a real, scalable online business quickly and effectively with a hungry list of buyers who can pay you out every single day.

Throughout this article, I'll be examining some potential sub-methods for you to utilize the platform for in order to build the business you've always wanted to.

If You Read To The End... You'll Be Rewarded

Towards the end of the article, I want to give you a real, in-depth guide to go out there and start making a full-time income online with a Facebook method that requires almost nothing to get started with. If you've got the cajones and patience, this method can literally change your life with hardly any upfront cost to you (other than the time it takes to implement the method properly and some pocket change for necessary tools). 

1. Pocket Change or a Thriving Business? Selling on the Facebook Marketplace

Ever heard of a website called Craigslist?

Yeah so Facebook has essentially the same model on their platform except I find it to be MUCH better overall for the buyer/seller to congregate on the Facebook marketplace over the Craigslist one.

Facebook has created the Facebook marketplace to allow buyers and sellers to meet up and set up the transfer of goods and services for cash.

the facebook marketplace

Most towns and cities have set up the buy/sell pages on Facebook so it really is as easy as looking up your geographical location, product type and category. From there, you'll find a bunch of potential opportunities to either buy/sell your products or services. 

Have some extra stuff laying around in your closet or want to get rid of some items from the garage? You can quickly sell these items on Craigslist to generate some starter cash for some other money making methods mentioned in this article. 

However, what you may not know is that buying and reselling items online is a great arbitrage method for building a real online business. This has been a staple for beginning internet marketers for years now and the platforms themselves don't really matter. You can find items from all over the internet and then sell them locally at a markup and pocket the difference. I'd recommend checking out this article in order to get an introduction towards doing some of this kind of arbitrage. 

You can also start creating small products like crafts and sell them on the marketplace to get some revenue (similar to selling on Etsy, except without the fees!). This requires no marketing expenses (likely the largest expense you'll face when starting a Shopify business or other e-commerce related business). 

Before you get started with selling on the marketplace, here are some best practice tips so that you can move product quickly and effectively: 

  • Include pictures of the product/service you're promoting
  • Include as many details as possible (things like specifications, model numbers, state of condition, etc. are vitally important here!).
  • Be aware of what price certain items are going for on the marketplace, and set your prices accordingly.
  • Be prepared to negotiate and stick to your prices if buyers are trying to lower your prices to an unreasonable extent. Be flexible within your price range but firm with your boundaries and you'll be able to sell a lot of product without sacrificing your margins. 

Translate the Business To Your Own Hosting For Higher Profits

Mastering the Facebook Marketplace will give you a good foothold on the e-commerce and arbitrage space, but I believe you'll find the profit margins to increase on your own hosting and platform. There are a plethora of platforms out there that you can start a small scale e-commerce business on, and I definitely recommend you do your research before choosing which one is best for you!

If you're willing to take the leap after utilizing the Facebook marketplace, I recommend you check out Shopify Dropshipping (same premise, but with higher margins and branding). You can read more about Shopify and get a free trial here.

2. Making Money With Facebook Pages - Vast Potential With This Easy Method

Having an audience on Facebook that's familiar with your brand is essential for this method to work. 

Basically, we're going to directly market and promote to our audience using what are known as Facebook Offers

If you have an audience that you've previously promoted to than this is a great way to monetize traffic that may or may not have bought from you in the first place. 

Plus, we're going to be able to do this with products that aren't even ours through highly converting affiliate offers. 

First, We Create The Offer For Our Fans

For the purposes of this post, I'm going to be showing you an example product that you would promote if you were in the Make Money Online/Blogging niche.

There are TONS of affiliate products out there (I recommend signing up to places like MaxBounty and ClickBank to find affiliate products, but in the Make Money Online niche there are thousands of great products to promote to hungry buyers).

In the same way that you can create a new status update, you can create a new offer for your Facebook fans! Click on offer to start creating the new Facebook offer for your fans.

From here, go and grab your affiliate link for whatever product you're promoting. Advanced users can utilize their own products and services to make this method much more profitable (this is huge if you're in the E-commerce space and previously used FB ads to target customers).

HINT: People like discount offers for services they're very interested in purchasing, like this BlueHost hosting discount which saves you 50% for signing up through the affiliate link.

Here's an example of me using the BlueHost discount to get leads from FB page posts:

If the product/service that you're promoting doesn't offer coupon codes, then you can simply skip the promo code part (note the bottom portion of the image shown above, this is where you would add the coupon code if you had one). 

Furthermore, you are able to directly embed the coupon code into a direct link to the product/service that you're promoting.

It's vital for this method that you are using catchy and stand-out headlines for your advertisement. Without doing this, then you're likelihood for profitability will decrease drastically.

Remember, your audience isn't in the "buyer's mood" so to speak. They're just strolling through Facebook and happen to come across your offer from your page. This means that the offer must be unique and catchy for them to take action and net you commissions!

Setting The Budget and Scaling Up

Over the years Facebook has tightened it's policies on organic reach for it's promoters and advertisers (in an effort to generate more revenue by forcing paid advertising. You can read up more on this particular Facebook advertising from this insightful article on Facebook edge rank.

What this means for us is that we need our offer to be sponsored by paid advertising to have it's full effect. However, because we're using fan pages with an established audience, we're able to capitalize on previous brand exposure to become profitable MUCH easier than with cold advertisements. 

I recommend you start off with a minimum budget of $10-$20. This will allow you to collect some data on the offer and see if you're turning profitable (the payout for the BlueHost offer I showed you earlier is $65, so I might want to try spending $30 in order to see if I can get 1 conversion, in which case I received 100% ROI and the offer is super profitable).

This will really just turn into a numbers game with your offer and spending. If you're getting 75% ROI on ad spend, then I would say that you should run the advertisement at the highest budget you can afford, as you're essentially printing money at this point!

Once your ad budget is set, then you can turn the offer live and start collecting commissions. 

What makes this method so great is that the fans will easily be able to claim offer and get sent email notifications as a follow-up. This will ensure that conversion rates skyrocket and makes the method much more profitable at a larger ad spend. 

Furthermore, you'll start to get easy organic, free conversions as people can share the offer with their friends 

How To Easily Twist This Method For Huge ROI

As mentioned previously, this method is great for e-commerce site owners who want to redirect page likes from previous promotions to get easy sales and thus easy profits for their products.

However, even if you don't have the infrastructure that a well-oiled e-commerce site has, you can still utilize this method to capitalize on brand awareness. Their are ample opportunities for bloggers, service providers, membership site owners, information product sellers, etc. to utilize the basis of a Facebook Offer to promote products/services to their fans and previous customers. 

If you're interested in really getting into the big profits with this method, then check out how to effectively do Facebook retargeting to get a highly engaged and targeted audience who are hungry to convert on your offers. This video shows how to retarget (using a Shopify store as an example, but this applies to everyone with a previous audience):

3. Sell At All Costs - Why Facebook Is Great For Big Commissions or High Ticket Sales

Do you have a product or service that can net huge commissions (like you make $1-2k per sale)?

If you do, then it's a no-brainer to utilize the Facebook platform to get tons and tons of leads and sales for your business. This, in combination with an affordable sales funnel solution, can allow you to quickly become profitable online!

Sure, a proper email marketing back-end funnel will be vital for getting the real sales and commissions, but if you're not using the Facebook platform for easy, free leads then you're really missing out!

Facebook is a literal treasure trove for finding easy, free leads for big ticket sales because you can find almost anybody on Facebook and shoot them a quick message.‚Äč

This allows you to directly message potential clients and generate sales from within the Facebook platform.

Using Facebook Groups to Find Big Ticket Spenders

A standard affiliate product that gets you huge commissions is the Gold Investment niche.

People who transfer some or all of their retirement income over to gold using online platforms will transfer huge amounts of money (think in the neighborhood of $100k Plus!). 

Affiliate programs exist for online platforms which allow this retirement account conversion into gold to take place, and all you have to do is connect the potential client with the platform, and you can generate thousands of dollars of commissions from one single client gold transfer. Here's an example:

Now, if you don't want to utilize the gold investment niche, there are still a ton of affiliate programs out there which offer thousands of dollars per conversion, check out this article to find some of these affiliate programs that you can swoop in on!

For the sake of this article though, I'll be using the gold niche to find leads.

It's now simply a matter of going to Facebook groups to find potential leads and connecting them with the offer.

This Facebook group has over 13,000 members. Each one of them you know are interested in investing and the stock market. 

Now, if you went out there and joined a bunch of these investment groups and then started interacting and engaging in the group (in order to build trust and a reputation, just like you would in forums), then you can slide in your affiliate link for you affiliate program. 

Doing this on a bunch of groups will get your affiliate link in front of thousands of eyeballs very quickly, and you really just need one person to take action with your affiliate program to get a huge commission. 

You don't have to be good at advertising to really make this method work, as it's really just a numbers game and you're simply connecting people with a potential offer that you know they would be interested in. 

Sure, having good marketing skills would be great for this method to really blow up, but this is the lowest common denominator in advertising and marketing, yet if you're persistent and consistent, you can see huge profits from doing this!

4. Facebook and Network Marketing/MLM - An Entire Business Can Be Built On Facebook Messenger Exclusively!

Network Marketing and Multi-level Marketing have been viable business models for decades.

Companies such as HerbaLife, Monat, Motorclub of America, Avon are leaders in the network marketing space, and their respective niches stretch into the far reaches of modern product promotion.

This gives ample opportunity for the business owners/independent contractors who work under these umbrella corporations to succeed with the MLM model. Whether it's getting referral checks or selling physical products, network marketing can be an easily scalable business for the hustling independent contractors who work for them.

In order to be successful in these industries, the business owner must be highly social and market towards their ideal customer base to get sales, referrals, and the subsequent commissions into their pocket.

Why are these companies so great to utilize with Facebook? It comes down to one simple concept: Facebook is THE platform for global relationship building.

If you can go out and individually prospect people online and collect 20-100 leads a day, you'll be able to become successful in any of the top network marketing companies.

Because of the huge global presence of Facebook and the ability to easily communicate with people from around the globe, you can go out and get your own slice of the pie and scale up to $10k+/month relatively quickly by simply interacting with people from around the globe.

So what's a good niche to get started in? I recommend the Make Money Online or Self-Improvement type niches.

Because people are so powerfully motivated by their own personal success and failure, getting them to hop on to an Entrepreneurship-style network marketing program which can help them live the "laptop lifestyle" or start their own small business is a really easy sell, and there are ample platforms for you to spread your network marketing program and build relationships with people globally.

Doing this will get them to join these programs under your guidance and mentorship, and will ensure that you get leads and sales flowing into your business every single day!

Step 1: Daily Prospecting

So to get this to work you need to get out and "spread your seed" so to speak. 

Depending on your niche you should go out and join a bunch of  related Facebook groups to get prospective leads into your business.

As you can see in the image above, I would go out and join groups such as "Law of Attraction" and other self-improvement type sub-niches in order to find people who are trying to achieve wealth and financial security. 

Hint: These types of niches are easy to enter because self-improvement is an easy sell with the right system in place, which ample network marketing companies provide for the "Lifestyle Entrepreneur" and "Wealth Coach" independent contractors who promote their company. 

What you would do with this niche is join all of these groups and message individuals within each group. You just want to reach out and introduce yourself first to build an established relationship.

Step 2: Rapport and Closing Leads

So after you've reached out to build the initial relationship with your prospect, you just want to invite them to your sales page, information page, etc. (many of the top network marketing platforms give you the tools for these conversions so all you have to do is send qualified leads into their platform to start collecting sales). 

This is huge though, they need to feel that you're both trustworthy and providing them real value. It's going to take practice, and as you communicate with the leads more and more, you'll start to be able to close more and more of them into sales. 

But really the goal is to get them from Facebook into your email list or lead generation system (provided or outlined by the network marketing program you're affiliated with). From there, the hard selling and referral game will really start, but getting the qualified leads who trust you first is really the key to this. 

5. Got Cash? Blow Up Your Income With Facebook Ads

All of these methods mentioned can be highly escalated by using Facebook Ads.

What was once seen as a fringe method of advertisement, Facebook Ads has become a mainstream staple for advertisers across the globe to make money with their business.

Facebook Ads is one of the quickest ways to make money online, and knowing how to effectively run and execute advertisement campaigns within Facebook is a highly sought after skill that can make you a lot of money by promoting your own products or working for businesses requiring expert FB ad management. 

However, if you don't know what you're doing then you'll likely spend a ton of money floundering before you really see good profits. It's become a highly competitive platform over the years, so it takes real sharks to actually win with their offer and sales funnel.

All of these methods I mentioned previously can be escalated using Facebook ads to where you'll be collecting leads and customers on autopilot, which will massively allow you to scale up your online business. It takes time to learn the platform however, so start with this video here to get your feet wet and to start seeing some beginner profits:

Quick Case Study: Making $400 In One Week From Facebook Ads

See how this Marketer made a killing with TeeSpring and Facebook  Advertisements

6. The Best Method For Beginners to Make Money With Facebook - Click and Make Easy Profits!

So some of these other methods utilize Facebook groups in order to collect leads and generate sales for different types of online businesses.

And this next method I'm about to share will also be utilizing Facebook groups. 

We're going to be easily monetizing this Facebook group traffic, and I'm going to show you what types of products and offers to promote to start making some real, solid cash online.

Step 1: Creating Our Landing Page

The reason we're creating a landing page is so that we can redirect the Facebook traffic into an easily monetizable web-page. 

Don't be put off by "gurus" telling you to create an elaborate and expensive landing page to see the best results. 

All we're trying to do with this first page is collect user emails so that we can market to them in the future and turn easy profits from each email lead. 

What this means is that we don't need an elaborate page that hard-sells some product to cold traffic, all we need is a simple web-optin in form page.

You can use funnel builders such as ClickFunnels to get this job accomplished, and while there is a small fee to use their services, other free alternatives exist. 

Don't over complicate this step, just get the job done effectively so that you have a simple and converting landing page to collect emails. 

Here's an example of an effective and simple opt-in lander:

See, simple and nice and easy!

Now, you may be wondering "What do I give away in return for the email?"

The answer is simple: Think of some tip or trick related to your niche and write a 1-2 page guide on the subject. Then package that guide into a pdf and, voila, you have the lead magnet for your opt-in page.

If you're in the make money online niche, it could be 5 simple SEO tips, 10 secret web traffic hacks, etc.

Get creative and you'll see better success and remember that creating a simple offer that captures visitors interests is key. You're not looking to give away a mega-guide on SEO or Making Money Online, you're simple providing a bit of value for their email.

Once they sign up you have them on your list for future promotions, and that's where the money is going to come from

NOTE: You could simply spam affiliate links in these groups, however you won't make much money from this and you'll get your account(s) banned from FB. Not worth it IMO.

Step 2: After Opt-In Offers for Easy $$$

There are affiliate networks available for almost every niche on the planet, and you can go out there and join them to promote products/services and offers in order to collect commissions from your email leads.

If you're in the MMO niche, I recommend Share-A-Sale, Commission Junction, Maxbounty, and Peerfly to start with. Go out there and spend some time signing up to all of them to have a nice, wide selection of offers to choose from. 

Now, you can directly link your opt-in form to your offer, so that way each sign-up will be shown the offer before you even email them. This is a relatively simple process, but it is dependent on your landing page software, so a quick Google search on sending traffic to specific pages after a user opts-in (for your respective landing page software), will solve this issue. 

Here's an example offer to use in the weight loss niche (from - one of my favorite CPA networks):

Step 3: Setting Up and Optimizing Facebook Account

Now you're going to want to set up your NEW Facebook account. 

Do not use your personal FB account as this method may result in it getting banned.

However, you'll want to populate the account with a profile photo and the general information associated with a legitimate FB account. The more real it looks, the better results you'll have with the method and the more likely that you won't get banned. 

Step 4: Posting to Facebook

Here's where we finally start to make money from our set-up!

Now, if you go out and spam groups to death using unsophisticated auto-posting software, you'll get banned by Facebook and you'll lose traction on your progress for collecting leads and those juicy commissions on your CPA offers.

So, the best alternative is to simply go out and post to these groups manually.

It's not an automated Blackhat method so you won't get banned by Facebook, but it also doesn't take TOO long to get results (each email lead you make will be able to make you at least $3-5 over the course of months of promotion, even if you're terrible at email marketing). 

Therefore, to get to $100 a day (about $3k a month in online income to replace your working income), all we really need is about 20-30 leads a day into our opt-in funnel. 

From there, we can followup and promote to our leads products and services to help them solve problems related to the niche, this will end up making us money for a much longer period of time then spamming our bare affiliate links in Facebook groups will ever manage to achieve.

If the accounts you're using are legitimately posted to by a real human, then the chances of being banned by Facebook decrease exponentially, which means that you can go out and join hundreds of groups related to your niche and routinely drop a link to your opt-in form on each one!

So first, you need to go out and join tons of groups, start by joining 10 or so a day. This will ensure that you don't raise any red flags on Facebook. I currently have an account that's joined to over 400 groups, so you'll be fine with 10 at the start!

Then, it's simply a numbers game, you need to post 1-2 times a day to as many groups as you can with a link that will get people to click and opt-in to your email list.

Here's an example of a good FB baiting post:

Simply post something similar to your opt-in headline on each Facebook group 1-2 times a day. This will easily get you to 20-50 leads a day, which, when combined with long-term email marketing, will surely make you $100 a day!

NOTE: Don't post the same exact (copy-paste) message on each FB group as this triggers Facebook's ban algorithm, type it out manually and type something different each time to ensure that you're account is safe!

Step 5: Where The $$$ Really Is

In a previous step I told you to link your opt-in directly to an affiliate link so that way your list is shown the message once they opt-in.

However, the real money is going to come from your email list and long-term promotion.

Sure, you'll make a bit of cash on the offer that they see right after they opt-in, but you'll be much more successful by promoting similar and related products whilst providing your leads further value.

I currently have many email lists, and I provide value to them in numerous ways by showing them how to make money online, lose weight, etc. It's dependent on the niche that you chose at the start.

Go inside of the autoresponder you used to setup the email integration with your landing page previously (I really recommend GetResponse).

From here, you can create an autoresponder for YEARS that will send emails to your list periodically (dependent on the messages and timing that you set up within the email marketing platform of your choice). 

Within each email you should craft messages that deliver value (help solve your audience's problem), build rapport and trust between you and your audience, and get you paid (by periodically promoting products that help your audience and pay you affiliate commissions). You can also promote your own products, but that's a more advanced discussion.

Want a great article on email marketing to help you further figure out how to squeeze profits out of your list, check out this fantastic article here

If you're in the Make Money Online niche, you'll want to definitely sign up to JvZoo, as they have some of the top products to promote to your list and will get you paid.

I also recommend using the website to find top upcoming products in the IM niche to promote. You can create newsletters and autoresponders in your list to promote these products on launch dates and your list will go and puchase these products, netting you big commissions in the process.

Take for example this upcoming product on JVZoo:

You can promote this product to your email list on the date of launch (HINT: promote the product as a series of emails over the course of 7 days prior to and after the launch to get the best results from your promotion). 

You get a whopping $47 per sale from this product. This means if I can sell 2 of these to my list a day, then I'm practically already at $100 a day.

If I set this product up as a week long email sequence in my autoresponder and get 5% conversion rates from my list, then I just need to collect about 40-50 new leads a day to easily break $100 a day from this product alone! 

See the power of email marketing now?

Wrapping Up: You Can Make These Methods Work For You!

So I gave you some great methods to go out and crush it with Facebook throughout this article.

There are some really great methods and golden nuggets of information hidden throughout, so go and re-read everything until you have the perfect plan to go and make money online.

However, remember that nothing will work unless you do! 

This isn't a get rich quick scheme, you'll need to treat it like a legitimate business if you want to see any success.

Any and all of these methods work for people who are dedicated and take them seriously.

I'll be updating this article in the future to further help my readers make money with Facebook, as I really believe in the platform as a whole for beginner to more advanced marketers to make money online!

What I really recommend for absolute beginners right now is to utilize the facebook groups posting method to start making money for free. Simply utilize the free trial of a top-tier email autoresponder in combination with a zero cost website builder (see Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or WordPress) to start building an email list for free and promote affiliate products. Getting 2,000 leads quickly with Facebook groups and this method is easy, and doing so can make you enough money to invest in tools or more premium methods to start making a real solid income online.

There are no excuses, just opportunity!

Need some help with getting an online business off the ground, check out these amazing books by Russell Brunson, DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets

Brunson, the owner of Clickfunnels (the software I use to create landing pages, as mentioned above), is an absolutely brilliant business owner who can teach you how to make money online in a variety of ways. I highly recommend his books and software to help you get started! Furthermore, I recommend you check out some other softwares such as Leadpages, Builderall, Kajabi and Shopify to help aid in making money online (many of which go hand-in-hand with Facebook marketing techniques, more on this in the future!). 

Need a Shopify trial or a ClickFunnels discount? Check out some of my other related posts to help aid you in your money making journey!

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