Expert Secrets PDF: Can You Download The Book For Free?

Do you find it hard to sit down and focus on a book at times?

I know that I have this issue often - I get motivated to try and learn something new that can help me in life or in business, but then once I get past the initial stage of excitement for a new book I grow weary and stop reading.

However, this was not the case with the Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson.

I honestly haven't found a resource that is so complete from cover to cover for FREE in my entire time in internet marketing. 

Others feel the same way about it. I had also read a few books by Robert Kiyosaki and had enjoyed them immensely too (he gives his testimonial at the start of the book!).

However, something about Expert Secrets just sort of clicked, you know?

It's only 265-pages, so it wasn't a terribly difficult read - but still a considerable amount of time that needs to be dedicated. 

For any internet marketer or someone who's looking to develop a real, tangible business (with a focus on development of business mindset and strategy), this is a must-read for you!

By far and away, this book and his Dot Com Secrets book can give ANYONE the tools that they need to be successful online and to grow their bank account as well as their inner fulfillment and development. 

Why Do I Say This Book is About Business Mindset?

Look, business is all about providing enough value for the consumer so that you have a reputable practice that can grow and scale as customers start to refer others (killer marketing is also required, but without a proper foundation the business will eventually flounder). 

Brunson's Expert Secrets Book (also available in the Expert Secrets audiobook), teaches you how to become an expert in a specific area of interest and grow a long-term business from your expertise.

He breaks down why being an expert in one specific marketable skill isn't as complex as you may think it to be at the start, and how you can use this skill to grow a real, scalable business online.

This is the best way to approach business because it capitalizes on that fundamental business concept I just mentioned: you provide value for a customer and fulfill a vital need that they have, and you collect payment.

When you're an "expert" at something, then your insight and value that you give to the customer on their specific problem will be BY FAR AND AWAY the best marketing tool that you have.

So, expert secrets is all about unlocking your inner-expert and gaining clientele for your services - and the best part is that your expertise will make getting clients easy once you've got the ball rolling.

It's easy enough to find platforms that you can start a business on, but without the right mindset going in, you'll struggle to make any business tips work for you!

This Book Will Give You Confidence to Lead in Your Space

Have you found it difficult  to conceptualize yourself actually SELLING someone on your potential product/service?

It's difficult to conceptualize because you don't actually believe that you're giving enough value to your customer for what you're asking them to pay. Therefore, your confidence will waver and you won't make the sale.

Therefore, selling becomes EASY once you've established that confidence in your product/service, and the only way to do that is to actually believe in what you're selling to the customer.

Using this information, we can deduce that being an Expert in your area of expertise and being able to solve people's problems will allow you to rake in the cash over and over again - because your business is legit.

Reading this book gives you a solid foundation to actually conceptualize what business really is, as well as the tools you need to go out and create your own business that utilizes the "expert" principle in your products/services.

Isn't it Hard to Become an Expert?

Short answer, no! Long answer, no!

You just have to become an expert in one very specific thing that you will then sell to the customer.

 This isn't like getting a PhD in your area of expertise. 

It can be done in 30 days or less!

You just have to find something that you're willing to learn in-depth for 30 days or less, then, once you know how to solve the problem that any potential customer may face, you go out and actually solve the problem (while collecting cash!). This is the whole premise behind the expert business model.

Trust me, get the book for free + shipping and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Should you Trust Russell Brunson's Advice?

That depends on you - would you trust someone who has started a $350 million dollar software as a service company?

I know I would...

Brunson's books are actually integrated with his software company, ClickFunnels. This software is one of the leaders in the sales funnel space which is also important to know about for your expert business model.

Once you're an expert in your area that you want to market to, you can use ClickFunnels to create a whole sales process for gaining new clients. I won't go too in-depth with some of what ClickFunnels allows you to do with an online business, but just know that it can make you MASSIVELY MORE PROFITABLE than any other tools you utilize in your business.

They cover things like website hosting, creating sales funnels from scratch, free training webclasses like Funnel Hacks, gaining buyer intent traffic, creating different types of funnels, using other integrations for streamlined e-commerce, and much, much more. Furthermore, they have the best support in the sales funnel space, so any problems you have during your business setup and execution can be solved very quickly by their helpful team.

What's really cool too is that you don't even really need your own product at the start of your business journey to start making money with ClickFunnels.

So, Is There an Expert Secrets Free PDF Download?

Unfortunately there doesn't exist the full ebook in a free pdf download.

However, you can get access to the free book + shipping here.

Then, once you've gotten the free book in the mail, you'll also be able to get access to the ebook pdf. They also have an audio book for the book too!

If you're really into the book, then I definitely recommend you check out his other book, Dot Com Secrets, to get some more great insight into his genius and how you can implement that into your own life and business!

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