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I've wanted to review this course for quite awhile now but just haven't found the time to do so. 

Frank Hatchett's Ecom Elites Shopify dropshipping course has been a highly sought after and recognized product in the ecommerce and make money online niche for quite some time now. Dropshipping is one of the hottest make money online methods at the moment, and Franklin has launched himself into the forefront of IMers with this in-depth and well constructed course of his.

Shopify itself is an amazing platform that I really recommend beginners to online business to get started on. While it's easy enough to get started and to figure out the basic concepts of Shopify dropshipping, in order to see profits you'll need a competitive advantage due to the sheer popularity of the method, this is where Ecom Elites can be highly beneficial...

I myself have taken the time to research and review his course for you, the consumer, in order to help you decide on whether or not this is the right course for you. 

Before we get started, you should note that there is no Ecom Elites discount available on the market at this time. While Franklin periodically launches/relaunches the course (he just updated the course recently, with his Ecom Elites 2.0 including much more detail and fresh takes on Shopify dropshipping), he rarely implements discounts and special pricing for the product itself. 

Let's get started with my review.

Ecom Elites Pricing Levels and Included Features

At this time Ecom Elites comes with two different pricing levels, the $197 "Standard" pricing plan and the $297 "Ultimate" pricing plan. 

Please also note that these are one-off purchases (I usually review software or online platforms for building businesses, which usually come in monthly subscriptions).

Now, if you're just a beginner to Shopify dropshipping, I think the Standard plan offers more than enough value for your needs, and can really help you start to master the platform and the business skills it takes to win. 

The standard plan comes with:

  • Niche Selection and In-Depth Product Research/Selection
  • Website creation with essential pages for long-term success.
  • Front-end funnel traffic generation (think Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc.)
  • Back-end funnel optimization (utilizing email marketing tools to grow long-term profits)
  • A slew of bonus topics such as Chatbots/automated direct marketing, search engine optimization, Q&A sessions with Franklin, a facebook group community, etc.

Really, the meat and potatoes of the course is housed in this $197 package, and is all you really need to start seeing profits online and to dominate your niche

The ultimate plan comes with:

  • All features included in the standard package
  • Sales Funnel Academy (rivaling top sales funnel trainings in the world).
  • Google Shopping Academy (a seriously overlooked and undervalued advertisement platform for e-commerce)
  • Done For You 7-figure Sales Funnel 
  • Two books detailing Franklin's top selling products and niches of all time

The bonuses included in the extra $100 you're spending to upgrade to the ultimate package are well worth it in my opinion. Franklin has taken the time and effort to go above and beyond for his course - and that is extended to the more premium version also.

Do I Think It's Worth It?

Other online e-commerce courses with the amount of content that is provided by Franklin inside of Ecom Elites charge upwards of $2,000-$3,000.

Not only does Franklin's course cost a fraction of that (even if you opt for the Ultimate package), but it provides more real value in my opinion then some of the top gurus in the space ever really provide.

Frank has been on the forefront of the e-commerce and Shopify movement for a few years now, and his insight is highly valuable not just for his experience, but also for his knowledge of what's working right now. 

I think that's where the true value of his course comes into play - he's giving you information that works in the modern e-commerce space (across all niches). He's not going to suggest to you outdated Facebook advertising methods or invalid ways to generate profitable traffic to your store. This is more than many other "gurus" in the space can say, and that's really what separates Franklin from all the rest (in my opinion).

Furthermore, as I mentioned before, the price for this course is extremely competitive for the amount of value provided.

Trust me, this course is an absolute bargain for what you're getting.

A Look At Each Individual Module

Now I'm going to dive into the individual modules included in the main course offering, that way you can get an idea of what's really included with your purchase.

Module 1: Setting Up & Initializing Shopify

Definitely a necessary module for the course in order to cater to all levels of drop shippers - although some users may find it a bit overkill and unnecessary due to their level of experience. 

Franklin goes over getting setup with your Shopify store, as well as how to choose between going down the general store path vs. the niche store path at the start, and the pros and cons between each of them. 

One thing to note is that Franklin will try and upsell you on his Shopify theme - eCom Turbo - inside of this module. It's a good theme overall and I recommend you consider it for your store (as his training will also coincide with the theme, and you'll potentially see better consistency and results by purchasing it from him here).

However, it's definitely not necessary and you can find free Shopify themes that will work great for you at all levels of drop shipping experience. 

Inside this module Franklin shows you the ways you should structure your store for increased conversion rates - these are all the small things  that are going to move the needle and really make a big difference on overall store profitability (things like professional/legal pages, about pages, product positioning, color schemes, shipping rates, taxes, etc.). 

These aren't the "sexy" parts of the training, but are definitely essential for getting up and running smoothly.

Franklin also assists his students who live outside of the U.S. by guiding them with tax recommendations as well as payments/shipping. These logistics of business are often overlooked by Shopify store courses, but Franklin leaves no stone unturned for you here!

Sales funnels are crucial to online business - and it's not just the hyped up ClickFunnels program that stresses the importance of these funnels. Shopify store owners need to have a properly implemented funnel of some sort, and Franklin shows you why inside this module. 

Module 2: Sourcing Products For Your Store

So the previous module goes into how to structure the store, but now Franklin goes into how to find, choose and import products for the store.

This module is heavily based on modern tactics that work with dropshipping. While Oberlo and Aliexpress is still a usable method, it's become much harder to become profitable as the demands of consumers have continued to increase.

Important concepts in here are effective niche research, Print on Demand, finding and building relationships with fast-shipping suppliers, and more. Again, this module is the heavy duty "meat and potatoes" stuff that most dropshipping courses gloss over, but Franklin wants you to succeed and gives you the information and tools necessary to do so. 

Module 3: Advertising on Facebook - Huge Section!

From everything I've seen and heard on the topic, Franklin offers the most in-depth facebook ads training for e-commerce that I've ever seen in this section!

This stuff is constantly changing and evolving, and going with outdated or incorrect information when it comes to Facebook ads (the primary advertisement platform for dropshippers), can literally cost you thousands of dollars and prevent you from ever getting off the ground with your business!

Honestly, this section alone is worth the $197 or $297 price tag, and if you just use free resources to understand Shopify at a base level but invest in this training for this module, you'll definitely STILL get your money's worth.

What I love also is that this section is constantly updated with vital new information. Facebook has become extremely competitive over the past few years as everyone is attempting to earn their online fortune through the platform's advertising. While it can still be done, you definitely don't want to go it alone. Franklin has you covered here, and that's what I absolutely love about this module and the course in general. 

Here's a video giving you a small taste of what you're getting inside this module - taken from his YouTube channel (also a recommended place to get valuable online business information).

Module 4: Influencer Traffic

Instagram traffic can make you tons of money from one single post.

Franklin gives you the tools necessary to go out and crush it with Instagram influencers, a gem of a source for getting profitable fast.

This method tends to be easier and less competitive overall than Facebook, but will still require a decent amount of knowledge and know-how in order to get started. Franklin tells you how to find influencers, what to ask them, how to structure the advertisement, when to post it, how to schedule these out consistently, and, most importantly, how to scale this up with re-targeting across a variety of platforms.

Module 5: Back-End Automation With Email Marketing

Again, this module cannot be overlooked for serious dropshippers - back-end email marketing is one of the easiest ways to grow a long-term brand and this is true for all types of online businesses, not just e-commerce!

Franklin shows you some of the best mailing platforms for e-commerce, how to get email leads easily and how to automate back-end processes to grow your income slowly and steadily from all the front-end traffic you're getting (really the true essence of email marketing).

This is a section with 14 different lengthy videos, and while many users may feel that they can skim over this section and focus more on module's 1-4, you would be really wise to implement this section entirely into your online store (it's one of the easiest ways to actually get profitable, as front-end marketing is extremely competitive).

I recommend Constant Contact as you're email marketing platform, although you can choose a more e-commerce oriented platform also (it doesn't matter TOO much overall which platform you choose, and more about the actual funnel you're building for 3-6 months of steady drip marketing). 

Module 6: Chatbots

This is actually quite a new section included by Franklin.

While the previous module went over old-school grit and grind email marketing (which will always work), Franklin gives a new flavor with module #6.

Chatbots are a great way to increase user engagement on your store and get leads for further marketing. Studies show that users need to interact with your brand for quite awhile in order to make a purchase, and using Chatbots can allow you to continue to stay in the minds of your customer and market to them again and again.

Franklin goes over everything you need to know in regards to this newer technology, and how to really implement it with your store for increased profitability.

Module 7: Sales Funnels

This module is exclusive to  the Ultimate package purchasers, and it goes over integrating Clickfunnels into your e-commerce store.

It's not a necessary step for all users, and should really be used only by intermediate to advanced e-commerce store owners, but it's still some really valuable content that I recommend you take a look at if you purchased the ultimate package. 

On top of this section you'll really want to get into using Analytics on your store for digging deep into conversion rate optimization.

There are other alternatives to ClickFunnels out there too, so don't feel like you have to cripple your profitability at the start with ClickFunnels which can get pricey. I also recommend you look at upselling and recommending similar products for easy revenue driving activities. 

Module 8: Google Shopping Ads

Again, this section is exclusive to the Ultimate package purchasers. 

This section is all about Google ads in conjunction with your Shopify store. While this advertisement platform isn't as widely talked about and hailed in the e-commerce space, it's definitely a platform that you shouldn't overlook for your advertisement strategy.

Doing this correctly can actually be far easier to become profitable with than Facebook, and a more stable income than Instagram influencers. 

Honestly this section is a goldmine that's going to be overlooked by everyone. Do not sleep on this module and the platform itself. Franklin shows you everything you need to know about correctly setting up a Google Shopping merchant account and implementing ads effectively in all of the best areas for Google advertisement placement.

Again, something that I cannot stress enough about this course is the attention to detail that Franklin gives to his work. This is a paramount feature of the course that's on display inside this module, and he really hand-holds his students through the Google advertisement platform.

Module 9: SEO Traffic

I've been following Franklin for years now and his blog, Online Dimes, has been built on the backbone of great content and his long-term SEO strategy.

Inside this section Franklin shows his students how to start getting free, organic search traffic to their product pages. 

Now, this is definitely a long-term strategy for all users, and it's not going to be heavily implemented by most who take the course. However, if you're struggling to make advertisements work with Facebook, Instagram or Google Shopping, then perhaps doing some key SEO on your site and waiting 6 months to a year is just what you need to get profitable (and then you can look into paid advertising down the road).

Starting a blog on your Shopify store is a great way to get a steady stream of traffic, not to mention that it makes you more professional for long-term brand appeal. 

Inside this module Franklin points you in the right direction with real SEO strategies for your Shopify store to get long-term trickles of traffic (which can turn into a fire hose of traffic if you have the patience). I trust everything he's saying when it comes to this strategy, and I've seen first hand from my time following him that he's implemented these strategies for organic traffic from day 1, and it's paying huge dividends in his main online business today. 

Bonus Module: Updated Consistently

Franklin has a bonus module with secrets videos and other expert "ninja" tactics as he likes to call them. 

This module is great because it keeps you really up to date with all the comings and goings of Shopify and the Ecom world. Shopify drop shipping used to be much easier overall, but so many people have flooded the market that it's become much more difficult to become profitable. 

Therefore, this module is extremely necessary and Franklin does a great job at keeping his students in the loop as the game constantly shifts and evolves!

Q&A Video Module & Facebook Group

Franklin also holds live Q&A sessions for his students which also goes over some really key updates to the world of Ecom and Shopify dropshipping. This module is great in that users get to interact with and pick the brain of Franklin, as well as stay consistently updated on the latest tactics and tricks to increase store profitability.

Furthermore, the Facebook Group is a wonderful hub of smart and hungry store owners who want to do everything in their power to win. Inside this exclusive group you get access to some of the top minds in the ecom game today - truly putting the "elites" in Ecom Elites 🙂

Wrapping Up The Review: Ecom Elites - Best Shopify Dropshipping Course

The $197-$297 price tag of the course is extremely worth it in my opinion - and it really provides more value than some of the $2000 courses out there (that money can now be spent on advertising, instead of a blown up price tag on re-purposed Shopify content).

Now, I don't necessarily think the course is for everyone - if you're really strapped for cash you'll likely need to look at other methods for making money online (there are many ways to skin a cat, mind you!).

However, if you have at least $500 to spend on ads and/or content on your store, then I think you can give Shopify dropshipping a go - and you're success will be entirely dependent on how savvy you are when it comes to the ecommerce game. Therefore, it makes sense to pick up this course in order to actually see success with the platform.

Look, Shopify dropshipping has become extremely competitive over the past few years. You can still make it, but you'll need some really killer insight from the best minds in the game - Franklin Hatchett and his loyal army of ecommerce elites make this course extremely worthwhile for ANYONE looking to start a Shopify store.

In my opinion, dollar for dollar, this is the best Shopify dropshipping course on the market today.