Best Shopify E-Commerce About Us Page Templates and Examples

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Making money with e-commerce is getting extremely competitive, and this will only continue to be the case as more and more companies and small business owners realize the power of e-commerce for their products and services.

With more and more people becoming aware of the profitability of dropshipping, small business owners are continuing to enter the e-commerce space and dominate these smaller profit margin business models in order to easily start a profitable online business.

Likewise, with features such as recommended products and one-click upselling, the real sharks are starting to swim in this dropshipping game, making it increasingly difficult for beginners to get started.  

While platforms such as Shopify make it much, much easier to start an online business, they also create a large increase in the amount of competitors that you'll be facing in the space (making less room for profitable companies to exist, this is merely an aspect of all business and can't be avoided).

Therefore, it has become absolutely essential that every e-commerce store owner fully fleshes out their online store to its maximum capacity - including using the cutting edge apps and technology available to serious Shopify store owners in order to get a quite necessary competitive advantage! 

The About Us Page WILL MAKE YOU MONEY (If Properly Implemented)

Look, professional businesses have pages such as a contact page, terms of service, privacy policy, etc.

Having an about us page will increase the profitability of the business as it builds a level of trust between the company and the customer, increasing conversions on products in return.

Not only is it important to have an about us page for e-commerce, it's important to have a GREAT about us page.

Potential customers and/or tire-kickers are going to be much more likely to take the leap and purchase your products if you have an expertly crafted and powerfully aesthetic website - and the about us page can seriously help you move that needle towards a true professional online business.

In this article, I will give you some of the BEST e-commerce about us page templates available for you to inject into your business today and increase conversions immediately!

Note: Getting the PageFly Shopify app (comes with a free 14-day trial), will be essential to use these about us page templates (the app is well worth it as it allows for individual Shopify page customization, and provides the modern Shopify store owner with a competitive advantage due to it's plethora of features!). I've written about this app on other page template posts also.

Killer "About Us" Page Example #1 - Airbnb

Airbnb recognizes the importance of a killer about us page - and I personally view it as one of the top "about us" pages in their industry. 

Most people try and overthink the about us page - but not Airbnb. They know that the most important aspect of the page itself is simply telling the customer who you are and what you do.

The page itself doesn't have to be stuffed with tons of meaningless company statistics or overhyped value propositions. Airbnb simply tells the customer about themselves - think of it as an informal elevator speech about the company.

Killer "About Us" Page Example #2 - Apptopia

Apptopia does a wonderful job at bridging a gap in customer awareness with their about us page - by simply sticking to the rule of telling the customer about the company and what the company does, Apptopia is able to effectively connect the customer to the machine in which they have built their business around.

This is a wise move for tech companies in general, and companies such as Apptopia and Apple are very good at implementing practices that make the customer feel a greater connection the brand than they would for other tech companies. This is essential for tech companies to understand, and a properly implemented about us page will allow for this interaction to strengthen the brand image in the customer's eyes.

Killer "About Us" Page Example #3 -

What I really love about the About Us page for Ugmonk is their vivid storytelling and effective communication of their story towards their customer base. Going this extra mile in your own about us page will only serve to benefit your business and increase conversion rates for both new and returning customers. When the customer has a stronger understanding of your brand and a greater level of connection, they will be much more likely to commit to purchases and become lifelong customers (which means they will buy your products/services in the future with hardly any marketing efforts on your part, greatly increasing the profitability of your business). 

Ugmonk is building their brand with their about us page, and they are doing so in a wonderful way with their storytelling. Check out the page now to see exactly what I mean!

Killer "About Us" Page Example #4 - 

What I really love about this next about us page is the personal branding that Jon Loomer is building with his about us page. He does what other websites do in that he's telling the customer his story in his about us page. However, what's really great is the positive brand signaling such as reliability, trustworthiness, etc. by telling the customer about his family and home life. 

By showing the customer he's a reliable, real person (a dad, a husband, a baseball nerd), hes fleshing out his personal brand. These signals that he's building act as a barrier of trust that will both onboard and retain customers in the future. For high-ticket product marketing, building a proper personal brand can be absolutely necessary to profitability, which is why Jon Loomer has this amazingly fleshed out about us page on his website!

Killer "About Us" Page Example #5 -

Moz does a great job at implementing page builders (such as the PageFly app mentioned earlier in this article) to increase the readability and enjoyability of the About us page for the customers.

By avoiding a boring about us page or a less-readable experience with a massive wall of text, Moz is able to capture the reader's attention and get them more interested in the content of the about us page itself. They understand that the modern reader will gravitate to images and breaks in text with colorful content blocks, and as such they are able to increase conversions on the site by effectively communicating their about us page to great effect.

Now, It's Time to Create Your Perfect Shopify "About Us" Page!

As mentioned previously in the article, the PageFly app will allow you to seamlessly create a wide variety of essential pages for your Shopify store, and the app itself will give your readers a much more immersive experience when interacting with your website. 

Here's a quick tutorial video to show you how to easily create your about us page in minutes!

Check out some of the about us page templates that PageFly has to offer below. Use any of these templates on your own store to see an increase in conversions by making the content so much reader friendly and professional!

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About Us Page Template #1: Logan

About Us Page Template #2: Lukage

About Us Page Template #3: Citilize

About Us Page Template #4: Centic

About Us Page Template #5: Mumento

I also recommend you look into other methods for growing your Shopify store's traffic; implementing some of these great templates can be huge while you do this too, and gaining traction on a variety of marketing platforms for your site can be a huge turning point for your business! You should also check out my #1 recommended Shopify course to really become an expert on the platform.