ClickFunnels Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

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To those of you who have visited my blog and browsed around my articles, you are well aware that I blog ALOT about the ClickFunnels software.

I'm an established affiliate seller for this program, so I do have biases towards my blog articles, but it's definitely not without good reason.

You see, bar none, ClickFunnels is the top sales funnel software in the world, and if you know what you're doing online, you can make an absolute fortune with the platform! It only makes sense for me to promote a program that I truly believe is one of the top sales funnel and landing page creation tools on the planet, and if I receive some kickback from promoting it, then I will happily continue to do so 🙂

I don't feel as comfortable putting all my eggs in one basket as much with programs such as MailChimp and it's competitors, LeadPages, Builderall, Kajabi, or even Shopify nearly as much as I do with ClickFunnels. Although, I do recommend some of these platforms in conjunction with an amazing sales funnel software - I think the best way to build a business online is with the ClickFunnels platform, both from a longevity and quality point of view for your business.

Note: Using Shopify in conjunction with Clickfunnels is very wise if you're doing e-commerce, and will put you ahead of the competition by miles!

ClickFunnels Pricing: Honing In On What Moves the Needle

In life and in business, it is often the case that we are doing too many things which do not garner results. It's actually a key developmental trait for the "killer businessman" to shut out all the noise, and focus on getting results, and what you can do to get those results.

This is outlined by many top-thinkers in the world, and one principle I always like to think about is the Pareto Principle: or the 80/20 rule as it is commonly referred to.

Most people, myself included, spend an unnecessary amount of time focusing on things in their personal life, work, hobbies, etc. that will only garner 20% of the total results that we'll see down the line.

Likewise, a few "vital tasks" that we spend less time on (often we train ourselves not to do what's uncomfortable, time-consuming and difficult, despite the fact that this is REALLY what moves the needle towards success in our endeavors), really get left behind!

How does this principle apply to ClickFunnels Pricing?

Simply put, I invest a hefty amount of resources into the ClickFunnels Etison Suite package (the higher priced one which can be discounted with the Funnel Hacks package), because it takes care of all the small things that don't make real changes to the business, and heavily helps me with the big things that make vast differences towards my business. Of course, there are other alternatives out there that might save you some money, but none are as effective for beginners to get started making serious online cash from their business!

Doing so allows me to increase my productivity across the board by not having a ton of different tools working simultaneously to get the sales funnel strapped together - with this package I'm able to do everything for the business in one dashboard, saving me precious mental energy, time, and money in the process.

ClickFunnels Plans Save You Money and Time!

So if you don't go with a solution that compartmentalizes everything that goes into a well-oiled machine of a business, then you're not only wasting your time and mental energy switching between platforms in order to integrate everything together, but you're also wasting money. This ends up hurting you in the short run and long run when you really think about it:

It takes an incredible amount of mental energy and focus in order to find and track all these different tools that have become necessary to running an online business.

With ClickFunnels (and most especially the Etison Suite package), you're able to keep everything neatly organized within one platform, and the visual and technical powerhouse of an editor allows you to never need to outsource for designers or programmers. It's simple and easy to make a beautiful and seamless customer experience from start to finish!

Down and Dirty: ClickFunnels Pricing Breakdown

Yes, ClickFunnels does cost a bit more than traditional business tools. 

It comes in two different pricing structures, the base plan is $97/month and the more deluxe version, known as the Etison Suite, is $297/month.

Now, it can be hard to justify spending $100/month at the start of your online business journey, and there are some alternatives that are cheaper out there, however, none of them are going to really deliver results to your business as well as ClickFunnels can.

Essentially, with the base plan, you're getting access to 20,000 visitors into your sales funnel per month, with a maximum amount of 20 funnels and/or 100 total pages within your account.

Now, this does sound limiting, but if you have a solid online business plan and effective execution, then it should yield fantastic results and easily pay for itself.

With the Etison Suite deluxe plan, you also get access to all the base features (plus a bunch of smaller helpful features, as seen in the table above), but you can scale your business to the moon with unlimited visitors, contact, funnels and webpages to integrate with. This is really a game-changer, and for $300/month you have access to every tool you need to grow a 7-figure online business!

If You Have An Existing Business...

If you have an existing business, then ClickFunnels is the perfect solution because it can take things such as your landing page creation software, email marketing solution, etc. and compartmentalize all features into one neat package that delivers comparable (often times far exceeding) results to your business. 

This will end up saving you money, time and energy, and allow you to hone in with a laser-like focus on revenue generating activities for your business, instead of wasting time on simply keeping track of every tool!

If You're Starting A New Business...

Starting a new business with ClickFunnels is a very smart decision, and I think you'll find it much more easier to become successful with one of the top sales funnel solutions on the market today.

I recommend that you take a look at some of the trainings that are available from the founder, Russell Brunson. He has a few books that are golden opportunities to learn about business in general (becoming an expert in your area is huge).

For you, getting out of the gate quickly and effectively is huge.

This is why I recommend the more premier package, the Etison Suite. It comes with all the email triggering campaigns and integrations included in ClickFunnels Actionetics as well as a way to get flying off the ground with ClickFunnels Backpack to have affiliates promote your product(s) for you without having to waste money on advertising costs. 

It is $297/month, which can be hard to justify for new business owners, but if you're really hesitant than I'd say go for the $97/month base plan, it's still amazingly useful to new business owners.

Now, if you can't afford $97/month, then I ask you why you're starting a business? It's going to take a lot more resources than $97/month and, while I think doing it on the cheap is a great idea, I don't believe in skimping on resources that are going to make your life a lot easier in business!

How to Quickly Profit With ClickFunnels

While it's important to not shy away from spending money for your business (it's a necessity once you really start to get the ball rolling), I understand that many readers will want to quickly make profit with an online business model, so that the expensive tools and software required to make a scalable income can pay for themselves.

What you're going to want to do to make money with ClickFunnels quickly, is utilize affiliate marketing principles with one of the high-converting pre-made funnel templates at your disposal. In doing so, you won't need your own product to succeed, and can make money off of high-converting offers in conjunction with the sales funnel software pre-made templates.

Here's some of the "core funnels" you get when you get ClickFunnels:

So, the hardest part of the business is really taken care of for you by the master salespeople behind these funnel templates.

You simply have to go find a nice affiliate product on websites such as JvZoo, ClickBank, MunchEye, etc. and edit one of these templates with images and links towards the product you're promoting.

From there, it's simply a matter of sending traffic to the funnel and collecting leads/sales - simple.

Now, it will take work on your part in order to make this actually yield results, but you'll likely make a positive ROI with any variety of advertisement platforms that you're sending traffic from because these sales funnels are designed by experts to convert (unless, of course, you're using organic traffic - a really good idea to start leveraging this traffic with your content to become profitable easily).

I'll be creating more content on these types of quick ROI projects in the future, so look out for future related posts that delve deeper into this concept!

ClickFunnels Actionetics and BackPack

These two extensions to the software only come for those investing in the Etison Suite package, but they can massively help your business grow and expand!


Actionetics gives you access to a plethora of advanced features inside the ClickFunnels platform, including:

  • List Segmentation
  • Streamlined Social Profile Dashboard Management
  • Lead Scoring (profit potential)
  • Advanced Autoresponder options
  • Texting feature
  • CRM software

This platform essentially helps you with all of the email and backend sales funnel actions that are usually covered by top email solutions

Not only does this further compartmentalize the sales funnel, leaving you with less room for errors throughout the entire process of customer conversion, but this also adds increased firepower to the backend of your business that can't really be duplicated by other platforms on the web!


Remember how I mentioned above that doing affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online and start your first business? Well, with Backpack and a successful product of your own, experienced business owners can create affiliate programs for their products so that other people can promote your offer and make you money (passively, without having to spend anything on acquiring customers!).

This is huge for the savvy entrepreneur, and something that ClickFunnels has built a special extension to the software for, called backpack!

The Best ClickFunnels Price: A Special Deal Just For You!

Thank you for reading this far into the article, it takes a good amount of time to create this content, and I appreciate the readers who take the time to consume all of what I'm offering within each post.

As a thank you, I'm offering a special deal where you can get the best ClickFunnels price per month available on the web!

I mentioned previously that the basic package is $97/month and the Etison Suite package is $297/month, both are very affordable solutions for your business when you take into consideration the start up costs that would go into creating a brick and mortar store or other similar cash cow businesses (inventory, extensive overhead, advertising, etc.). 

While this is affordable when you take into account what you're getting with the platform, there is actually a special deal available on the software, as well as in-depth funnel hacks for your business that will make you an absolute killing.

Russell Brunson, the owner of ClickFunnels, holds a special autowebinar for insiders that runs constantly. Inside the webinar, you'll learn how to make over $10k/day with online funnels, as Brunson breaks down step-by-step a funnel that makes him an absolute killing.

However, you'll also get a special discount on the ClickFunnels software if you buy it for 12 months, This deal will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in the first year, and give you some sweet extra bonuses on top of the savings! 

You just need to signup to the webinar below, and if you sit through the entire webinar (it's not hard when Brunson is teaching you golden nuggets of information to make you tons of cash in your business), then you'll get the special deal at the end. Just be patient and good things will come!

If you really don't want to spend that much money up front for your savings down the road, then that's ok too.

You can also go with the 14 day free trial to ClickFunnels before you jump onto one of the two plans available.

Get your ClickFunnels Trial Below!

For users on a very limited budget, perhaps consider using one of the top website builders such as Wix, WordPress, Weebly or Square Space to create a website for free, and then get traffic to that website and collect email leads. This is essentially a bare bones online business model that can make you good profits if you stick with it, and it requires hardly anything up front to get started!

If you're really, really struggling to make an online business, consider starting one on one of the online marketplaces that exist today. Places such as Fiverr, Etsy, Ebay, etc. can allow you to make a decent online income and save/plan to build a brand in the future. 

All in all, there's so much potential in the online business world, and you just have to work hard and put your brains to work in order to make some decent cash. It's harder now to create a world-renowned business, but it's easier than ever to get started making money online!