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Success with making money online and starting your own profitable, scalable business comes down to your ability to generate leads consistently.

Without a solid way to generate potential customers and turn those potential customers into sales, you're going to have a very hard time actually making money from your business.

This is almost always going to boil down to having a really solid traffic source that can enter your website and create a future potential customer.

When you start a new business, it's essential that you create awareness about your products/services, and scaling up the amount of leads that you're able to generate (potential customers), you're able to generate awareness for your product and entice them in the future (throughout the sales funnel) to purchase your products/services. Luckily, this is all made ten-times easier with the ClickFunnels Instant Traffic Hacks program. 

ClickFunnels Instant Traffic Hacks is a product that's actually part of an upsell package designed by the expert funnel builder, Russell Brunson.

Inside the system, Brunson teaches marketers like you and me the insider secrets and tactics that can be used to double or even triple the amount of traffic that we can get to our website!

Millions of entrepreneurs look to Brunson for his expert marketing tactics and trainings, so you can be sure that this guy knows his stuff. The Traffic Hacks upsell part of the course covers absolutely everything that you could possibly want to know about how to get traffic from a wide variety of sources and drive them into your funnel.

Once they're in your funnel, you can then market and promote your services over days, weeks, months and even years really. So, are you seeing how generating that potential customer with these traffic hacks can be THE ABSOLUTE KEY FACTOR in the profitability of your business?

So, What Do You Get With Russell Brunson's Instant Traffic Hacks?

This product can be one of the most lucrative decisions you ever made with your business. Therefore, it's no wonder why it's such a high demand product. It's actually only available in the DotComSecrets Book Sales Funnel.

It's also included in the Funnel Hacks System, a fully-fledged powerhouse training program that gives you full access to ClickFunnels Suite for 6-months. Definitely recommended to anyone who is serious about building their business online. This information is actually life changing I would say so pick up your copy while you still can! If you get into funnel hacks, you get access to: 

  • 6-week long Funnel Hacking Masterclass: Value $2,997
  • Instant Traffic Hacks: Value $1,997
  • Inception Secrets: Value $1,997
  • A 6-month Etison Suite Account to ClickFunnels: Value $1,782
  • Email Series that SELLS: Value $997

In case you were unaware or are just generally new to the funnel community online, ClickFunnels is the best online lead generation and sales funnel tools online. Online marketers all over the world are making absolutely crazy amounts of cash utilizing this funnel creation software and the training methods associated with the software (such as the Instant Traffic Hacks. product mentioned above). The tools that they give you to succeed such as their amazing free training tools, their unrivaled support team, online expert funnel-builder certification, and ability to setup any type of sales funnel you want (even including blogs like this one!) gives you an unfair advantage over competitors who don't have nearly the same level of infrastructure integrated with their online business.

ClickFunnels is great for any type of digital marketer and that's what makes it so great. You don't even need your own product if you know what you're doing :).

Without a hungry customer, your traffic is WORTHLESS. It doesn't matter if you're getting tons of leads a day, if those leads aren't interested in what you're selling then it's going to cripple your business and make becoming profitable a very unattainable goal.

 Find the right customers to enter your sales funnel, and you can reach astronomical levels of wealth in a short period of time.  

Therefore, the training itself doesn't focus JUST on getting website traffic. It focuses on helping you find the RIGHT kind of visitors to enter your sales funnel and convert them later on into customers (and you make money from this, obviously!). Therefore, we have a saying in the online marketing space:

"Size doesn't matter"

The size of your website's traffic and the amount of leads that you're generating simply just doesn't matter. At least, this is true in the online marketing space (ask your girlfriend if size matters and you might get a different response). 

Overall, quality is much better than quantity, and that's what the instant traffic hacks program is going to hammer into your head whilst giving you the tools and resources you need to go out there and absolutely crush it with finding goldmines of leads and customers to help boost your business fast. 

We marketers have found numerous ways to drive traffic into our funnels over the years, from things like SEO, social media marketing, forum traffic, Q&A traffic, Youtube videos, etc. However, without the right system set in place for your lead generation campaign, all of your work may be for naught. 

However, what's awesome is that ClickFunnels gives you the keys to the kingdom with the Instant Traffic Hacks. Instead of this taking years and years to perfect, the program gives you the power to go out into your space and dominate within a few weeks.

Once you start receiving leads at an increasing clip every single day from these fantastic lessons and traffic sources, you're going to be kicking yourself for not getting involved and incorporating these methods YEARS ago. Downloading the training and utilizing all the resources available will skyrocket your leads and sales in a very short period of time (if you've been struggling to make a profitable business online, then this course is a MUST BUY).

Furthermore, these methods actually decrease your cost per lead whilst increasing the amount of traffic you're getting (quality traffic that is). This means that you're not only getting more bang for your buck, you're also getting more overall bang in general!

When you pick up a copy of the Instant Traffic Hacks you're getting access to a plethora of methods that will actually grow your business instead of keep you stagnant and stuck at ground zero. I couldn't imagine not having some of the resources mentioned in the training at this stage in my online marketing career.

You actually also get 2 full weeks to test out the program and try to make positive improvements to your business - ample time to get it up and running and confidently improving yourself and your business daily. 

Russell Brunson incorporates funnel secrets inside Instant Traffic Hacks that can help any online business grow into a fully-fledged powerhouse in their niche. It's important to become an expert in your niche, but having a traffic hose directly linked up to your funnel is vitally important too! While using alternative funnel builders such as Builderall and Kajabi might provide some various features and pricing models that can compete with ClickFunnels, the training that the platform has incorporated into its overall product is bar-none the greatest sales funnel training on the planet - something that can't be overlooked when making a decision about what platform is best for you!

If you're an entrepreneur who's either stuck or just getting started, then you should really consider this product. It's going to save you tons of headaches in the future when you're still struggling to get traffic and sales into your business and you're kicking yourself for not getting past the hump in your online business. Without this resource, I don't know how far back I would be in my business and I must say that I owe a lot of gratitude to Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team in general for getting me my dreams in life. 

Here's something else for getting to the bottom of this post. I want to reward you for taking the time to actually read everything and soak up the information. If you're not yet sold on the product and system mentioned above, and you're not really looking to part with your money right now, then I totally get that and you shouldn't have to honestly. For reading this whole post I want to give you this bonus: Funnel Hacks - this free training class shows you step by step how a weird funnel makes a consistent $17k a day. Crazy when you think about it right? Jump on into the class today so that way you can see how to make money like the real online marketing pros 🙂

Take care guys and look forward to more posts in the future going over how you can start your online business and/or improve your current one! Need a discount for ClickFunnels? Check out this recent post I wrote to find out how you can save hundreds on this software!

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