How ClickFunnels Hosting Works (Easily Explained)

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Proper tools are required if you're going to make your online business work. The sophistication of these tools is dependent on your business model and funds. 

However, what is ALMOST ALWAYS an essential for online marketers and business owners is a fully-functioning website with the capabilities to acquire leads. 

Building a successful website is relatively simple but still requires a variety of things, from web hosting to content to landing page creators, there are a wide variety of necessary elements towards the creation of a fully-functioning website. 

What's great about the ClickFunnels software is that it's an all-in-one package that you can start, edit and scale your online empire on (without any necessary programs outside of the software itself). Therefore, despite the monthly recurring fee that you must pay for the software itself, using the world-renowned ClickFunnels software for your business will likely SAVE you money in the long run!

You can compartmentalize all of your content into one place (including things such as your sales funnel, landing pages, email sequences, A/B Software, etc.). This will save MOST marketers tons of money in the long run whilst also making it much easier to access all of your necessary tools in one easy to navigate system. 

Furthermore, the company is constantly testing their software and all of its features, and when you purchase access to ClickFunnels you're getting the state of the art marketing software as well as future upgrades. This, in combination with the amazing free training such as Funnel Hacks, Expert Secrets PDF and the DotComSecrets Book can help even the most newbie marketers make profits online and start their own REAL, SCALABLE business.

Confused a little about the terminology above? That's ok because the software and training makes starting your own online business simple and streamlined.

What Can ClickFunnels Do For Me?

Sales funnels are essentially an online marketer's bread and butter, and they (in combination with effective long-term email marketing) are one of the most profitable marketing tools that an online business owner can wield in their arsenal.

Sales funnels take a potential customer (called a lead) through a process to convert them into paying customers. This process has many stages and it can be overwhelming to beginning marketers to try and create an effective sales funnel strategy (let alone actually create an effective one themselves!). 

ClickFunnels SPECIALIZES in the sales funnel and is a top of the line product for converting leads into customers. With their training, software, and funnel templates, you can DESTROY your main competitors with a far-superior blueprint for lead acquisition, customer conversion and customer retention! You don't even need your own product to get started making money with ClickFunnels too!

What About Hosting The Funnel?

Web hosting is actually provided by ClickFunnels. You don't HAVE to worry about hosting the funnels on your own website (you can if you desire though!). 

When you use ClickFunnels, you can get your own subdomain to design and implement your own landing pages on. However, we do recommend that you have your own domain name so that way branding and advertisement is seamless (there is ample training available online for adding your funnel's landing pages onto your own domain).

Using the Software on Your Website

So once you've got ClickFunnels hosting your own subdomain you can tweak the entire sales funnel within their streamlined dashboard. This then will implement changes live onto your hosted pages online. 

Your website's landing pages MUST be optimized to give your visitor the best experience possible and try to convince them to take actionable steps towards becoming paying customers. It's absolutely essential to make the customer have an outstanding first impression on your website, which is why a landing page software like this one is so invaluable to your business.

With the software itself you can edit so many different elements on the page to try and get the customer to have a better impression overall. This includes content layout, video, images, text, etc. All the resources that you can possibly imagine are available inside the funnel builder and they make it really easy to customize your own funnel properly. In comparison to other alternatives to ClickFunnels such as Builderall and Kajabi, they really work to make the customer the number one priority of their business model by providing the best overall product - something that real, successful businesses all strive to achieve.

There are many different types of funnels that you can have on your website, with each serving a slightly different purpose than the others. Some examples of these are the Webinar Funnel, Shared Funnels, Membership Funnels, Opt-in Pages, Squeeze Pages, Sales Funnels, Lead Capture Pages, etc. Again, all of these pages serve a different purpose towards your business and you should look into all of them to find the one(s) that best serve your business's needs!

What's really groundbreaking though in this age of digital marketing is that you can create a stunning and beautiful landing page/sales funnel in literal minutes of starting. What used to take teams of web developers WEEKS to create (not to mention even optimize or split test) can now be done within a short period of time due to these outstanding softwares that are available today. Why would you even attempt to build these landing pages from scratch anymore when these professional softwares do a better job than you can ever imagine to do (and in a fraction of the time as well)?

Another great feature about ClickFunnels I like is their customer segmentation to increase profitability quickly. You can set up individual parameters on the pages to show different messages and page elements to different visitors. Furthermore, you can segment customers into differently based on actions they have done in the past (opted-in, bought a specific product, etc.). This is crucial because now you can market in a much more efficient manner towards the INDIVIDUAL CONSUMER which is huge for increasing the overall profitability of the business. 

This feature, in combination with some of the fast-track ways to generate tons of leads and website visitors, can create an entire business overnight that is able to compete with the biggest players in any niche!

All in all, what your getting with this software is amazing and it's much better than hosting your own website and slowing it down with massive resource utilization for comparable landing page builders. Always remember that the best hosting services are the ones that can create a speedy and valuable experience for your visitors, leads and customers. 

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