ClickFunnels Free Alternative With 3 Paid Options

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If you're just getting started trying to make money online then you've likely figured out that one of the fastest ways you can scale up your business is finding a solid software that creates and optimizes landing pages and sales funnels. Without a proper way to get clients/customers, you're going to really struggle in this online game (not to mention getting an abundance of traffic towards your funnel).

Now, if you've come across ClickFunnels before, then you're likely aware it's one of the leading softwares in the sales funnel and landing page industry. 

However, if you review the pricing plans available for the software, and you're not already making any money with your online business, then the cost for the software may seem rather expensive (and I totally get that). 

Look it's hard to justify paying $99+/month for a software when you're not making any money at the start.

It's an expensive software though because it just plain works.

Overall the money that you're investing into the platform subscription is very little considering the amount of money that can be made and time that can be saved (you can create a sales funnel in minutes when it used to take a web development team weeks to create the same funnel).

There are a FEW free alternatives out there but they don't work nearly as well as this software does. However, I thought I'd create this post to help give you an overview of potential free options on the market - just be aware that these should just be temporary solutions and that you should really invest into the platform fully down the line!

Furthermore, there are some paid alternatives that have a better pricing structure than ClickFunnels, so that might be a happy medium for some online marketers. I'll go over 3 of these ClickFunnels alternatives below also!

Depending on what you need from the platform itself, some of these paid alternatives may actually suit you better than ClickFunnels. However, I still think that they have the best software for MOST PEOPLE, and they'll even host the entire sales funnel for you also (a big thing when sending a high volume amount of traffic)!

Free Software

So, as I mentioned above, if you're really strapped for cash then there is a way to break into the digital marketing game on the cheap. You can pick up a copy of LeadSanity for free as of right now.

Overall it's a really easy-to-navigate system, but it comes with severe limitations to its usage.

Free subscribers (called the newby plan on their website) are limited to 10k visitors/month, 10 templates, 2 landing pages and extremely limited support (support is vital for landing page and sales funnel creation softwares). However, if you know what you're doing and take the time to learn the platform, you can make it work for you.

Need to just get a basic understanding and general overview of online marketing? Then this plan plus google search is your friend (just start learning how to do things involved with digital marketing and implement it with your newby plan). 

This isn't a long-term software solution for most of us, so I recommend using it to get some cash in your pocket then look to upgrade from there. It just doesn't have the ability to bring you the big bucks in the long run!

Other ClickFunnels Alternatives (Paid Options)

Another alternative to ClickFunnels that you can get relatively cheaply is called InstaPage.

While it's a great option for most internet marketers, it simply doesn't come close to the features involved in the start-up plan on ClickFunnels.  

Instapage does offer over 40 software integrations, 200+ templates to choose from, a multitude of forms and some other nice features. 

It's about 20-30 bucks cheaper per month for the base plan of Instapage than the base plan of ClickFunnels (dependent on if you pay a year in advance or not).

WP Profit Builder is another really nice alternative too. 

What's really cool about this software is that it's a plugin that you can install on your WordPress site (you'll have to buy hosting though), and it's just a one-off purchase which you can then use forever without having to worry about future monthly subscription charges.

So, if that one-off payment sounds more appealing, then this software is right up your ally and you should definitely look into it (you can still integrate with ClickFunnels later on when you need the upgrade). 

They offer A/B testing, website analytics, drag and drop landing page creators (with page templates, and a fully functioning e-commerce store creator. 

If you go down the WP Profit Builder path, you'll likely save a lot of money in the long run!

Finally, we arrive at the last paid option, LeadPages. It's slightly cheaper than the monthly subscription of ClickFunnels and it's a very popular alternative in the online marketing space. 

Their cheapest package is really too limited - however their pro package gives you a good amount of the same features incorporated into ClickFunnels at a deep monthly discount.

This software does come with some setbacks such as poor integration options and poor support training (training like Funnel Hacks and the DotComSecrets Book blow this software's training and support out of the water).

So, What's My Recommendation?

Overall, investing in the far superior software that ClickFunnels offers is going to save you tons of money in the long run, save you tons of headaches associated with using inferior softwares, and give you the best chance at creating a wildly profitable online business.

What's really nice about almost every one of these software creators is that they offer some sort of free trial. So, I'd definitely recommend taking advantage of that and test driving all of them to see which one gives you the best bang for your buck.

Just remember to focus on the number one most important thing, making money! Don't spend all day trying to cut corners on softwares, just get one of them and get profitable with effective money making methods!

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