How to Delete a Funnel in ClickFunnels

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Because there are multiple plans that customers of ClickFunnels can invest into to help grow their business with the powerful sales funnel creation and management software, the startup plan users may find that they have run out of room within their funnel dashboard for more funnels to be created and implemented.

Look, I get it. We all want to mess around with the software to try and create various types of landers, squeeze pages, and sales funnels. However, with the basic plan you're not really allowed to fully and creatively immerse yourself into the platform without facing the downside risk of running out of funnel room!

That's why it's paramount that ClickFunnels has an easy and streamlined process for deleting funnels once they no longer serve their purpose.

So, How Do I Delete My Sales Funnel

Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, realized this dilemma for the lower-tiered users and has actually solved the problem quite nicely.

Instead of having to fully delete the funnels from your account in order to save space on the dashboard for more funnel implementation, you can actually ARCHIVE your funnels for later usage if you so desire (without them being shown as "in-use" on the funnel dashboard).

This not only saves the space in your funnel dashboard to make it easier to see what funnels you're currently working on, but it also allows you to revisit past projects very easily!

As mentioned in a previous post I wrote, you can actually utilize the ClickFunnels support desk to find out how to delete a funnel step-by-step.

Isn't it great how much this company has invested into documentation and live chat for their customers? They really are the leaders in the sales funnel/landing page space and their competitors simply don't have the resources to keep up!

Even if you're on the ClickFunnels Etison Suite plan (the higher tiered users), you can still archive your funnels so that way they don't show up in your dashboard and clog up everything with projects you're no longer working on (this is just a great tool to have, even though with the Etison plan you're not limited to a finite amount of funnels).

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