ClickFunnels Custom Domain Mapping Instructions

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One extremely important tip that I have to anyone starting an online business with ClickFunnels (regardless if you're using affiliate marketing or one of the many other strategies covered in ClickFunnels business training) is to make sure that they are masking the ClickFunnels domain with their own domain.

This is a very important step and is super easy to implement. Not only does this help your overall business with branding, but it also will immediately increase conversions (as people don't want to be redirected to a website that is hosted by ClickFunnels and has a long, ugly web address). 

If you're on the base plan of ClickFunnels for $97/month then you're going to be able to have 3 different domains mapped to your account. If you're on Etison Suite ($297/month), then you can have an unlimited amount of domains.

Of course, getting traffic into the funnel is important also, but actually executing and getting conversions is the next step, which can be hindered by small stones that are left unturned. Do the job right and get your own domain for this - it's like $10 a year.

So, you have your own domain. Now, how do we get this domain mapped to the ClickFunnels hosting and dashboard? Check out this short video tutorial below for step-by-step instructions:

Right, so there you have it. This is a crucial step for your business and having a custom domain will be of vital importance down the line, so don't skimp and cut corners on something as important as proper branding and professionalism in the sales funnel! 

Need further help? Contact support to get the issue resolved fast 🙂

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