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Most of us aren't experts when it comes to using softwares to get our business off the ground and insanely profitable - we all need help from time to time in order to get our funnels, landing pages, integrations, etc. up and running and fully functional. 

While ClickFunnels doesn't have a direct contact number, Clickfunnels support isn't too hard to find and get access to, which is essential for the digital marketer who needs quick solutions to their problems so that they can focus on the number 1 most important thing - making money with their funnel!

First of all, the ClickFunnels official headquarters is listed on their website - but obviously we don't want to contact them via old-school methods like sending letters for responses (do people still do that?).

ClickFunnels Help Desk

I recommend first utilizing the ClickFunnels FAQ resource to find and answer your funnel questions yourself. Chances are someone has already had a very similar issue that you're facing with your business before, and the FAQ section is likely going to contain valid responses to questions that you may have without you having to contact anyone directly. 

Honestly, they have some of the best help questions and answers in their document section that I've ever seen. Out of many digital products and softwares that I've used in the past - they have some of the best resources available that almost ANYONE can use to solve their issue. As long as you have a modicum of intelligence (you're a business owner for crying out loud - you better be dang smart!), you can solve your issue by using the plethora of FAQ resources available on their website.

Still not finding an answer to your problem? That's ok because I've got you covered!

ClickFunnels Support Facebook Group

The company as a whole is super invested in helping their customer find an answer to their problems quickly and painlessly! Access the FB group now in order to get answers from expert funnel builders from around the world in a timely manner!

Their community is super engaged and willing to help the struggling entrepreneur and small business owner. Therefore, if you're not really finding what you were looking for from the help desk and documentation available on their website, I would go here next to ask questions that a qualified ClickFunnels expert can answer quickly!

Also, while on the Facebook platform, you can implement one of these ideas to start making money with ClickFunnels and Facebook!

ClickFunnels Live Chat

The next step I would take in solving any issue that you may be facing is to reach out directly to their trained staff on the live chat. This solution is actually much better than utilizing a ClickFunnels contact number because you get to link out to certain pages directly from the live chat window with the trained representative. This way there is a very streamlined communication window with which to engage the support team directly and help solve your issue perfectly!

The chat option is available from your ClickFunnels back office or by visiting the help desk and selecting the live chat option. 

Last Resort: Hire a ClickFunnels Expert

My last recommendation is to just go out and hire somebody to help fix your issues in a personalized way. This person's job is to make you more money - which entails knowing the ins and outs of the platform so well that they can get paid for their knowledge and expertise. 

These people are consultants - which I've touched on in my previous post. They will come with a hefty price tag, as their knowledge and in-depth analysis of your funnel can be the difference between losing money and being insanely profitable with your sales funnel. 

If you are serious about making money online with ClickFunnels then I'd definitely recommend going down this route - you're going to see huge dividends in the future by implementing the BEST strategies that money can buy in order to perfect your business from the inside and out and increase profitability with each and every tweak of your sales funnel. 

Check out the marketplace to find a group of individuals who specialize in the platform and can EXPLODE your business with the right tweaks. Again, these guys aren't cheap so expect to pay good money - this is your business after all, don't be afraid to invest wisely!

Final Thoughts

Their support team is top of the line and super engaged in getting you the help that you need. Forget picking up the phone and dialing the support line - that is so 2007. With the current internet ecosystem more and more companies are offering comparable services that I mentioned above - but ClickFunnels really goes above and beyond in my opinion with getting you the resources you need to be successful in your business. 

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