How to Fully Setup a ClickFunnels Checkout Page

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So if you've read some of my other articles you know that I am a big proponent of the ClickFunnels software. I've personally used it in a variety of ways to make an absolute killing online, and the competitors that they do have simply don't match up to their software as a whole. Their partner program, responsive support team, and fantastic training programs and books can make even the most inexperienced online marketer fabulously wealthy with right attitude and mindset for success! 

Now, you're likely aware that there are a multitude of ways to use the program to grow an online business. However, let's say that you wanted to use the funnel software to sell your own products and services (whether they be physical or digital, it doesn't really matter for the sake of this post). You may be wondering, how do I actually link up a ClickFunnels checkout page so that a valid payment gateway can be utilized?

Right - this super important step can oftentimes be overlooked in our pursuit of creating the perfect funnel. However, the most important thing is actually getting paid. It seems weird to think that we would miss this step when crafting our perfect funnel for hours on end!

So, how do you go about establishing a ClickFunnels payment gateway so that you can have your customers getting money into your bank account?

ClickFunnels Payment Gateway Setup

ClickFunnels has pre-made templates for you to utilize in your funnel so that you can collect payment from your leads. 

This is easily accomplished by going into the back office section of your dashboard and selecting Add New. From there, select Sell Your Product as the Goal of the funnel.

Then, it's just a matter of picking the template that you want to use! It's definitely a best practice to split test different checkout pages in your funnel because this is such an easily testable page and it can massively increase your profitability. Just switching your colors around can help put your lead into a more buyer friendly mindset, which helps with getting them to make the confirmation that they actually want to make a payment. You'd be surprised how little things like this in the funnel can add up to huge profits in the long term - so don't skimp on the process now!

ClickFunnels payment gateways are well-established with the platform, and many of the more popular ones such as Stripe and Paypal will work just fine! However, there are other ones you can choose from if you so desire!

Once you've chosen the proper processing company that you'd like to use - make sure you go and test it out to make sure it's running smoothly. You don't want to spend a ton of money on traffic to only find out that you weren't converting at the end of the funnel due to a misstep with the payment processing. 

ClickFunnels documentation has a couple of articles on the checkout process that you should definitely look into also if you're trying to make the best funnel possible.

In the DotCom Secrets Book Russell Brunson mentions how important things like upsells and downsells are to getting huge profits from your funnel - and ClickFunnels makes this process very easy with one-click methods for increasing the average order value per customer and getting you more money in your bank account.

So, check out this article on the official ClickFunnels support desk so that you can add those nifty up-sells and down-sells to increase the profitability of your business on the front end!

I'd also recommend just scoping out the documentation that they offer and combing over the details of the sales funnel. Being a master in the platform will allow you to do some truly remarkable things with your funnel that will make you a ton of profits in the long run - treat your business the right way and become an expert with your funnels!

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