The ClickFunnels Certification Partner Program Review (Do You Need It?)

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It's widely accepted in online marketing that ClickFunnels is one of the leading softwares when it comes to building sales funnels from start to finish. 

ClickFunnels allows website owners to host, create, edit and deploy an entire sales funnel right from their dashboard. Furthermore, you can integrate 3rd party applications to further market to customers in the backend (or even use ClickFunnels for this purpose also). It really is an amazing piece of software that has created many millionaires over the years!

ClickFunnels has launched a 12-week online course with a different module for each week to help teach marketers the ins-and-outs of everything related to sales funnels. They call this course the ClickFunnels Certification Partner Program and allow people to enroll for a fee.

Although the program is not cheap to enter, it really does give you an amazing overview of everything related to funnels and making money with funnels. People who have entered the program say that it was very rewarding and in-depth, and that if you have the money you should see the program as an investment into your business due to the wealth of knowledge and practical information that can be implemented to grow your profits!

Overall the topics are very engaging, with an emphasis on getting you the information and practice you need with funnels to go out there and crush it with your online business.

You learn everything you could possibly want to know about being a funnel consultant, funnel building from scratch and from templates, reverse engineering successful funnels, getting tons of traffic to your landers, converting leads into sales, and optimizing the funnel for huge profit margins.

Fun Fact: According to ClickFunnels "Funnel-Consulting" is one of the highest paying part-time jobs in the world.

If you go out there and implement the strategies for funnel consulting that the program offers, you can charge at a minimum $3,000 for your services and recoup your investment in no time (whilst also having a great part-time gig to be frank).

Therefore, I would say that joining the partner program is a low-risk, high reward endeavor that can be just the thing you need to start making serious cash from your online business. 

Being a ClickFunnels certified partner is a great marketing tool, as they give you a badge that you can use to help land high paying clients for your services. Using this badge as "proof" that you know what you're doing is great validation for getting the customer to pull out their credit cards and get you paid!

The program also comes with 24/7 Skype Support because they really want you to succeed with their program. Other companies simply don't have the resources to do this on a large and personalized scale, but ClickFunnels wants to make sure that you have up-to-date training and information at all times to help you grow your business as technology continues to advance and new marketing tactics are unveiled.

Marketing has changed drastically in the past 20 years or so, and the online ecosystem is so vast and diverse with opportunity lurking around every corner. Don't be left in the dust because you don't have the proper information to take advantage of unseen opportunity! The program integrates a monthly training session to keep you up to date on everything related to online marketing and sales funnel tactics to help incentivize further education.

As companies continue to realize the power of an online sales funnel that is continuously optimized for success, there will be an increasing demand of sales funnel experts who can offer their services to help companies launch their business online and make huge profits for years to come. If you get in on the certified partner program now then you can be one of those people who capitalizes on this trend and makes an absolute fortune in part-time work (whilst also having the ability to create your own funnels to grow your wealth drastically online). 

I'd recommend jumping on the waitlist for this program TODAY so that way you can capitalize once it's open again.

Don't be left in the dust by competitors who took advantage of this program to grow their knowledge, advance their marketability, and grow their income!

While you're on the waitlist for the partner program, I'd recommend you check out the free online webclass called Funnel Hacks to get the inside scoop on making a killing with ClickFunnels!

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