How to Create a ClickFunnels Blog With Professional Templates

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ClickFunnels is an SAAS company started by Russell Brunson - a passionate tech entrepreneur who mastered the art of creating beautiful sales funnels which make millions of dollars.

This juggernaut company in the sales funnel software space has been steadily growing year after year thanks to the knowledge that Brunson has honed in his years of sales.

His passion for helping others has made him richer than he could possibly imagine, and his commitment to giving back to his customers with his world-renowned free training such as DotComSecrets and Funnel Hacks have created an immensely engaged audience full of entrepreneurs ready to scale their business to massively profitable companies in this global tech age we are currently entrenched in.

As his training lays out, if your company is missing key components such as a plethora of engaged website visitors who are actively engaging with your funnel - you're going to struggle making consistent sales and won't be able to unlock the true potential of each customer - leaving tons of cash on the table in the process!

Now, I ask you, what type of branding can create an amazing customer base full of hungry buyers who both trust and love your content (which is essential towards having a successful sales funnel)? Why, the answer is having an amazing blog.

Why Building a Funnel in a Blog Format Can Be So Profitable

People who say that "blogging is dead" don't really know what they're talking about...

Sure, video is starting to take over, but the amount of potential for someone with low funds to create an amazingly engaged buyer's audience with a good blog is HUGE.

If you're low on funds at the start, taking free, organic traffic through the grind and sweat of creating a wildly popular blog can unlock massive sales success in the future - which can translate to things like paid and video traffic once you've got a sustained income.

Look, the fact of the matter is, getting paid traffic and trying to optimize a list to create a successful sales funnel is HARD - and if you're not already profitable with a well-built brand full of trusting buyers, it's going to be hard to become profitable with paid traffic - yet again actually scale up the business towards massive profitability.

So, you can waste thousands of dollars testing funnels that don't convert on paid traffic, or you can get free, organic traffic to a blog that you then funnel into paying customers after establishing trust.

This is the power of blogs, and as long as Google is running the show, blogs will continue to be an amazing traffic source for personal branding (which can then lead to amazing amounts of sales in the future!). 

But, ClickFunnels Doesn't Have Blog Posting As A Funnel Option...

So, with the power of blogging in your mind - and the free, organic traffic that can enter your sales funnel every day by utilizing SEO, we can now see how profitable building a blog for your product/service funnel can be.

But, ClickFunnels, the number 1 sales funnel platform, doesn't have an option for blog pages when they host your funnel on their platform. 

That is, in a direct way, they don't.

However, there is an easy solution for this in an indirect way (don't worry you can still utilize the power of SEO to its full extent with ClickFunnels).

ClickFunnels has a number of blog templates that YOU can use in your hosted funnel to create your amazing website.

Not only will this allow you to harness the power of SEO and organic traffic to receive tons of hungry buyers into your sales funnel via lead generation from your blog pages, but this will likely prove to be MORE EFFECTIVE than using other solutions such as WordPress because ClickFunnels allows a fully customizable page with easily editable options which means that it will look great and have a higher overall time-on-page and click-through-rate than other blogging platforms (something that Google and other search engines take into account when deciding how your page will rank).

So, now you know that it's insanely profitable still to start a blog using ClickFunnels, and in doing so you'll be able to get a flood of traffic into your sales funnel that is free - so even if you're terrible at marketing at the start you can still make some sales because you're not paying for traffic. This will allow you to optimize with free traffic and get tons of profits before you dip into paid advertising where the stakes are much higher.

Creating a blog and executing a solid sales funnel by generating leads and getting product sold is a very lucrative business model. It just takes a little bit of work to get the pages loaded onto your ClickFunnels dashboard and domain and a LOT of work in creating blogposts targeting keywords that are profitable. I'll be going over how to do this second, crucial step in a future post, but just realize that going out there and working hard with a proper blueprint for making money in place is KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS

Having focus, discipline and drive will get you profitable in the long run!