Best ClickFunnels Alternatives

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ClickFunnels is widely regarded by top industry experts as one of the top sales funnel & landing page creation tools on the market today!

However, it can get quite expensive to use the platform - and many beginner, or even intermediate, entrepreneurs can't justify the price tag for their business needs. 

While I'm a huge proponent of the software and think that the online webinars and free books such as DotcomSecrets and Expert Secrets can really provide beginner entrepreneurs the right framework for starting an online business, sometimes it's necessary to downsize overhead expenses and costs when you're leanly trying to get your business off the ground - and ClickFunnels does cost more than some other industry products!

In this review, I'll be giving you all my top picks for industry alternatives that are cheaper than Clickfunnels, yet still quite effective for starting your online business.


While ClickFunnels is marketed as a complete sales funnel solution for online business owners, LeadPages is marketed as the most premier landing page creation tool on the market today. 

I've actually done a comparison/contrast between the tools in the past. These two platforms seem to butt heads a lot within the landing page creation space, and for good reason! These two platforms are seriously some of the best out there.

LeadPages was one of the first landing page creation tools on the market, and the developers have been honing and refining their software for ages now, which has resulted in a premium software for their end-users! 

LeadPages has a laser-like focus on optimization of landing pages, instead of the sales funnel as a whole. However, with the right mindset and toolkit, a savvy marketer can easily make LeadPages their front-end software for a well-executed backend sales funnel. 

Getting traffic to your landing pages with LeadPages is the first step, and taking that traffic and turning it into a scalable business is the next. With over 130 different templates to choose from, you'll be sure to find the right one that works with your traffic source and will convert highly in the front-end. 

With LeadPages, you get: 

LeadPages' Pricing Structure

LeadPages is a bit cheaper than ClickFunnels, with the base entry plan costing just $37/month (compared to the $97/month pricetag for ClickFunnels). The pro plan is $79/month and advanced is $199/month. 

While these prices are cheaper, you'll also have to take into account the added cost for back-end integrations (for a complete sales funnel). With ClickFunnels these costs are mostly covered, so it could actually be cheaper for you to go with ClickFunnels!

Like ClickFunnels and other top-end technology businesses, they offer a 14-day trial to hook you on their platform, I recommend you definitely take advantage of this!


This platform is known for compartmentalizing their sales funnel creation entirely on their own platform (like ClickFunnels), but doing it at a much more affordable rate. 

I will say this, however, that InstaPage is a slight decrease in quality. This isn't a huge, noticeable effect, but it is a slight advantage for ClickFunnels!

InstaPage doesn't integrate with membership funnels, but this functionality may be available in the future.

I used this platform alot personally when I was first getting started as it used to be offered for free! Now, it's an exclusive platform but it's still quite affordable and allows you to launch an online business, which is really all that matters for beginner marketers!

Offering more templates than most alternatives, they give you access to 200 base templates to choose from, along with the ability to edit each of these to your liking in order to build your own business the way you want it to look!

Here are some of the features you get with InstaPage:

  • In-depth analytics to see what your visitors prefer, essential for scaling in the modern internet climate!
  • Split testing capabilites
  • 200 templates (with various types of pages included)
  • Drag-n-drop editing

InstaPage Pricing

Similar to other online business companies, InstaPage offers a tiered pricing structure for their users. Their Core Plan is $68/month while their Optimizer Plan is $113/month and their Agency Plan is $203/month.


This company was formed in 2009 as a competitor to some of the top brands that are mentioned in this article.

In their own way, unbounce has helped revolutionize the way that landing page creation is done and the aesthetics of modern landing pages in general.

Billed as one of the fastest landing page generation softwares, it's used extensively by top internet brands such as The New York Times, Vimeo, Hootsuite, etc.

This is a really powerful tool, and when dealing with a large volume of traffic, it's absolutely critical to have fast loading times! That's why I recommend this platform to users who are doing some serious figures online.

Unbounce is feature packed, including: 

  • Drag-N-Drop w/ Mobile engagement factors, convertibles (ability to target users at precise moments in responsive fashion), dynamic elements etc.
  • 125 high converting, glossy landing page templates
  • Split testing on opt-ins, lead generation, notifications, add-to-carts, purchases, etc.
  • Integrations with tons of helpful sales funnel tools!

Unbounce Pricing

Comming in with 3 different pricing structures (yet again, noticing a pattern?), Unbounce offers: The Essential package at $99/month (ability to create 75 landing pages and 8 convertibles), the Premium package at $199/month (150 landing pages, 16 convertibles, sub-accounts and more advanced conversion tools), and the Enterprise plan starting at $499/month.

The Enterprise plan is really only for extremely calculated users, and will most definitely not be for beginning entrepreneurs. In fact, this entire platform should really only be considered by users who are looking for enhanced analytics and speed, and aren't a great option for beginners.

Unbounce is used by top brands in the world, if you want to be a top brand, then maybe you should act like one and pick up the software 🙂


This option is for users looking for something slightly different than the other alternatives on this list.

Looking to get started with a membership site or selling digital products? Samcart has you covered!

While you CAN create funnels with SamCart, you're best bet is to definitely go with one of the other options on this list. SamCart integrates with WordPress for an easy sales page to checkout conversion process. 

I like to think of SamCart as an "add-on" feature platform that can expedite a specific process of an already established business plan.

SamCart Pricing

They come with a 14-day trial, just like most of the other platforms on this list! After that, they have the standard tiered pricing structure of basic, pro and premium.

Basic is $19/month, Pro is $99/month and Premium is $199/month - definitely making SamCart one of the most affordable options on this list.

Note: The Pro version allows for upsells/downsells (a big revenue driving factor), I'd recommend that beginners quickly look into scaling to the pro plan after getting their feet wet with the platform.


One of the most popular alternatives for internet marketers is going to be the Thrive platform. 

Thrive Themes is one of the best landing page creation tools on the planet today. With tons of customer support/walkthroughs, even the most novice of digital marketers can make some serious headway with all of the goodies that Thrive comes packed with. 

What's also great is that it's known as one of the most affordable options on this list!

Thrive comes chalk full of templates (over 160 different templates), as well as separate sub-platforms to help grow your business such as Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect (note: you'll definitely want to get these two extras in order to be successful with your landing page/sales funnel).

Features include:

  • Opt-in form creation
  • Drag and drop content building
  • Implementation of scarcity for increased conversions
  • Complete customization
  • A/B Testing
  • And much, much more!

Thrive Pricing

Thrive Themes has a base price of $67 for one site or $97 for multiple sites. However, the pricing is quite complex and there are options available to get you the best deal possible for the most amount of total features. Check out the full pricing guide now to figure out how to get the best deal on the platform!


Similar to SamCart and Thrive, OptimizePress integrates with the WordPress platform to deliver its value to the user. 

What I quite like about this plugin is that it was specifically designed for WordPress landing page and sales funnel creation and optimization.

It can help users create basic landing pages, but it really does alot more than that (which is outstanding for the price tag). 

Create membership sites, product listings, marketing pages, webinars, product launches (with their own complete funnel), premium blogging pages, etc. all with the OptimizePress platform!

OptimizePress Pricing

A very affordable option compared to others on this list! OptimizePress is a one-time payment for a years worth of usage. 

You also get a full year of support and updates covered with your purchase. 

The Core Plan is $97 for up to three sites, meaning that it's a little over 30 dollars per site! The Publisher package is $197 for the 3 sites plus a bunch of essential bonus features for growing an online business. If you need more than this, you can get the Pro package which is $297 and includes up to 10 sites in your network.


And last, but definitely not least, is the platform InfusionSoft.

This platform is known in the industry for being one of the most powerful all-in-one toolkits on the market today! Great for mid to large sized businesses, InfusionSoft is one of the key competitors to ClickFunnels for market share (they offer more features and power than ClickFunnels, which is why you might want to consider this as a scaling up option for you and your online business).

Offering a huge range of features, InfusionSoft specializes in split testing, customer retention and management, autoresponders, and much, much more. Like ClickFunnels, this is a complete sales funnel solution.

This does come at a price - InfusionSoft is substantially more expensive than the other alternatives on this list.

InfusionSoft Pricing

InfusionSoft has a base price of $99/month for just 500 email subscribers and 2,500 emails a month. Their next plan, the complete plan, is $379/month for 10,000 contacts and 50,000 emails a month. Of course, going over these limits on contacts and emails will cost extra.

You'll also need to purchase a one-off training and integration package with trained InfusionSoft employees. This costs $999 for the most inexpensive version, so you'll definitely be sinking in some long-term costs with this software.

Although the software is much more expensive than all other alternatives, it really does provide the most features and optimization functionality, making it the most comprehensive sales funnel software on the market today!

Wrapping Up

That about does it for my top alternatives to ClickFunnels.

All of these platforms can help you grow an online business, but some of them are definitely going to suit your needs better than others - it's up to you to decide, based on what you've read here, which platform is the best for your current needs.

Lastly, most content platforms have started to branch out in the ways that they allow users to create content and optimize for conversions. Heck, even Shopify, who have a much more laser-like focus on product pages, have allowed users to create blogs on their site.

Therefore, most competing platforms have had to implement e-commerce pages, content pages, etc. This really means that you can't go wrong with most of these platforms for any type of business you choose!