Builderall vs ClickFunnels – Which is The Best Online Business Software for You?

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BuilderAll and ClickFunnels are two competitors in the marketing software, sales funnel, and automation space online who are both seeking YOUR MONEY.

Both companies offer a unique proposition towards their customer base to try and entice them to jump on their program - and, let's not kid ourselves, we ALL need a great software solution for many things involved in our business and if we want to expand profits!

Therefore, it's paramount that we make a great decision when it comes to our software choice!

My review of and comparison of the two software companies today will give you a great understanding of the key differences between the two and which one is a more viable option for your business. 

Let me preface by saying that both of these companies offer a legitimate product, and as such it's important to weigh the pros/cons of each in your own decision making - I'm going to lay it out for your but you'll have to use the best judgement for yourself and your own business!

I will say right now that I STILL PREFER TO USE CLICKFUNNELS because of a few key reasons that must be observed (which I'll get into more detail below).

First though, check out my top traffic source, Facebook, to learn how to start making money online with either platform!

Now: Let's jump right in and evaluate the two companies!

builderall vs clickfunnels

ClickFunnels VS BuilderAll: My Bias 

Now, let me be transparent right from the start - I am an avid ClickFunnels user and have been for quite awhile now.

However, I'm also a business owner who is diligent about finding the proper solutions to my needs - and as such I evaluated the companies based on their true merit - I'm incentivized to give you a proper review because I want my business to succeed too!

The ClickFunnels software is a juggernaut in the sales funnel space - and if you've read any of my other articles you'll know that I believe sales funnels are crucial to any online business - these guys know what they're doing and are passionate about their product - something I can say completely truthfully because I have been exposed to their product for a long period of time. 

What must be noted right off the bat is the BuilderAll pricing structure which gives it a competitive advantage over ClickFunnels - If you're in need of a marketing solution for under $99/mo then BuilderAll may be for you as they claim to offer everything ClickFunnels offers except they ONLY CHARGE $29.99.

Now, after about a month of working with both platforms I feel I can give an honest comparison between the two - and we'll see if BuilderAll's claims match their service delivery!

Who is BuilderAll For?

After spending ample time actually using the platform, I can say this about BuilderAll:

  • They offer a great service for $29.99/month
  • They're an EXTREMELY CHEAP Email Marketing Tool W/ Funnel Creation to Boot.
  • Easier to Navigate then WordPress
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    Linkability to Unlimited Domains

What is very noteworthy is that you get 10,000 contacts/month to email and promote in the backend of your funnel for just the base plan of $29.99/month. This absolutely kills competitors such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, etc. in terms of contacts/$ paid.

Furthermore, their funnel creation and setup is fairly extendable as it can be linked to multiple domains and is very easy to navigate and implement your funnels with. 

I would say that their key points are that they offer great overall sales funnel creation and their email marketing capabilities and cost per subscriber are extraordinarily great when compared to similar email marketing platforms. 

If you're in need of a cheap solution to your business needs but still have a good contact list size then I would definitely consider BuilderAll for your business - the amount of value you get for 30 bucks a month is really unparalleled and the claims they make with their marketing and branding do live up with the quality of their product.

Beginners to the sales funnel space would benefit greatly from jumping on the BuilderAll product. The bargain price they offer the tools for allows people to get their feet wet with high-value business tools to help expand their income online. 

Furthermore, I think "Biz Opp" and "Make Money Online" marketers would benefit greatly from this software also in particular due to some of the templates and general branding surrounding BuilderAll. 

Finally, if you run email marketing campaigns and have a fairly large list size, you definitely need to consider testing out the platform as you're going to be saving A LOT of money with this software as compared to some of the other leaders in the email marketing space.

Other Great BuilderAll Selling Points

You get a 30-day money back guaranteed offer from BuilderAll - so even if you're not satisfied with the product for whatever reason then you get your money back. This extended trial period beats out ClickFunnel's 14 day trial period by a wide margin!

I do believe that BuilderAll will be increasing their pricing structure in the future as their brand starts to gain momentum - as they want to likely increase profitability whilst still getting maximum exposure for their brand in order to really compete with companies like ClickFunnels, Leadpages, etc. in the sales funnel and landing page space. 

You get an unlimited number of landers in BuilderAll to create a wide variety of sales funnel types (membership sites, training pages, blog, etc.). I was also a fan of their 1,000+ templates to choose from and implement into the sales funnel creation for your brand as it makes it much easier to have a high-converting lander than starting from scratch every time. 

Both ClickFunnels and Builderall having a great service of hosting your landers and sales funnel too - which is great from both companies.

However, ClickFunnels IS STILL SUPERIOR 

So why should you pay the extra money for ClickFunnels when you get all the great features of BuilderAll at a deep discount to the ClickFunnels pricetag?

Well, it's because at this moment in time, ClickFunnels is a far superior product overall for a multitude of reasons. 

They've been in the space for a much longer period of time and have been able to test and hone their products/services much more - giving them a superior product overall for business owners.

Furthermore, you don't necessarily want a discounted software when it comes to things like business - it's essential to have the best business tools available so that you can actually compete in the space and make money. It's just not a good idea to skimp on things like this (buying off-brand products may be a good idea for doing your grocery shopping but not for your business, think about it!).

Not to take anything away from BuilderAll, however, as they are great for beginners!

For business owners, TIME is the most precious commodity that exists.


Here's the blunt truth: ClickFunnels will save you tons of time in the long run with your business.

You can create a stunning sales page and in 30 minutes or less with ClickFunnels whereas it would take you 2+ hours with Builderall due to the platform's usability issues.

Builderall is a clunkier platform with less streamlined capability which is unfortunately due to their product being cheaper and less qualified in the space. You can still get the job done, it's just going to take far more effort than you desire to put into it.

The thing is, I would rather pay $100/month for a platform that is fast, efficient and smooth like ClickFunnels than pay $30/month for a platform that has nice features but is just cheaper overall (and it shows in the usability aspects).

Every software will have buggy issues here and there, but Builderall also seems to have them in more abundance than other platforms. 

Their support team is far inferior to the ClickFunnels support team too, which is a no-go for hustling entrepreneurs trying to get ahead in today's day and age. 

Conversely, with ClickFunnels you're getting top-notch support every time which is essential for software that helps runs a business as it's paramount you get the very best in everything when attempting to compete in the marketplace. I can't afford to have a poor support team for my business and ClickFunnels offers a much more complete service overall in this respect. 

Also, the training programs that ClickFunnels offers can get you off the ground with an online business very quickly (while utilizing their platform). Russell Brunson himself created tons of training inside one of his free books, and he hosts an amazing web class that breaks down a $17k/day funnel online.

It remains to be seen if BuilderAll will be able to streamline their service and platform more in the coming years to really offer a comparable service to ClickFunnels (and possibly more value than they offer right now, in which case it would make sense to go with Builderall then). As of right now, however, I'm going to be sticking with ClickFunnels.